Kwikstage Boards Corner Panels

Kwikstage Boards Corner Panels are Components of Australian Standards AS 1576 Standards Scaffolding. There are One Board, Two Boards, Three Boards Metal Corner Panels to Infill Space Between Kwikstage Scaffold Boards with drop forged scaffold half swivel clamps. 

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Australian Standards Scaffolding Boards Metal Infill Corner Panels

WKACB111 x 1 Board Corner PanelOne Board x One Board Width5.46KG
WKACB121 x 2 Board Corner PanelOne Board x Two Board Width9.63KG
WKACB222 x 2  Board Corner PanelTwo Board By Two Board Width 14.23KG
WKACB323 x 2 Board Corner PanelThree Board By Two Board Width 17.94KG
WKACB333 x 3 Board Corner PanelThree Board By Three Board Width25.5KG
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