Kwikstage Beam Bracket

Wellmade’s Scaffolding Beam Bracket is a component of Indonesia speed shore type scaffolding system. It is also called kwikstage scaffold. The kwistage beam bracket is made from O.D 48.3mm scaffold tube type 4. It is a hi load capacity kwikstage scaffolding parts.

In construction, the kwikstage beam bracket allows side suspended from your main kwik stage scaffolding system frame. Thus, it eliminates a ground prop up.

We produce the kwikstage beam bracket according to ISO 9001 management. Welding quality is conformed to ISO 3834 and EN 1090 CE certification requirment.

In addition, Wellmade has full parts of the speed shore kwikstage system. You can enjoy a one-stop souring and purchase here.  Send us your kwikstage and beam bracket needs to have a good price.


Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Wellmade’s Kwikstage Beam Bracket

Wellmade’s kwikstage beam bracket is used a lot in both construction and concrete shuttering. It shares load from regular slab support grids and offers special steel side support.

The kwik stage scaffold beam bracket is included C pressing on. The C pressing is used to connect with C clips of the kwikstage standards.

In application, the speed shore type kwikstage system U head is used together with the beam bracket. Thus it is form a strong support and seats for the formwork slab first primary beams and secondary beams.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Beam Bracket Specifications

  • OD 48.3x 4.0mm  Pipe
  • Dimension: 1290mm
  • Finishing: Hot dip galvanized
  • System: Speed Shore| Star Shore System

Kwikstage Star Shore System Beam Bracket Size

WKB129Beam BracketOD 48.3 x 12908.5KG


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