Kwikstage Scaffold Battens

230mm Kwikstage Scaffold Battens to Form Scaffold Platform For Construction. GI and HDG type with lengths of 0.73m, 1.25m, 2.42m, and 1.81m.



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Professional Kwikstage Scaffold Batten Manufacturer In China

Kwikstage scaffold battens are kwikstage scaffolding system parts.  It is 63mm thick and 230mm wide with Galvanizing finish. Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffold battens are tested according to AS 1577 and EN 12811 standards. It is certified in Australia as a Worksafe construction material.

  1. Batten Sizes: 230x63mm
  2. Material: Steel
  3. Finishing: GI or Hot-dip galvanized
  4. Package: Wooden Racks
  5. Length: 2’6″(0.73m), 4’2″ (1.27m), 6ft(1.83m), 8ft(2.44m)
  6. Mark:  AS 1576 xxx

We secure your kwikstage battens’ quality by daily quality control according to ISO9001. You can get a relative test report accordingly. Wellmade is a CE-certified scaffold manufacturer too. The steel kwikstage scaffolding batten welding quality is at the top level.  Send us your kwisktage scaffold battens requirement, you can have an immediate reply with a competitive price.

Kwikstage Batten Sizes

kwikstage batten 0.7m 1.2m 1.8m and 2.4m

0.7m Scaffold Battens are shorter boards for kwikstage scaffolding system. The steel batten overall sizes is 0.74m, While the centre to centre size is 0.76m.

kwikstage batten 0.7m 1.2m 1.8m and 2.4m

1.0m Kwikstage Battens are used less than other sizes. But it could be customized into 1.0m long if needed.

kwikstage batten 0.7m 1.2m 1.8m and 2.4m

1.2m Kwikstage battens is a regular size for your kwikstage system. The overall sizes is 1.25m while centre to centre sizes is 1.27m(4’2″).

kwikstage batten 0.7m 1.2m 1.8m and 2.4m

1.8m Kwikstage batten is in overall length 1.81m matching up with 1.83m kwikstage ledgers (centre to centr)

kwikstage batten 0.7m 1.2m 1.8m and 2.4m

2.4m Kwikstage Battens is in overall length 2.42m while it works with kwikstage ledgers in 2.44m (8ft)

kwikstage batten 0.7m 1.2m 1.8m and 2.4m

3.0m Kwikstage Battens are a type of long boards. It is not using as popular as 2.4m and 1.8m steel scaffold batten in kwik stage scaffolding construction.

Steel Batten VS Timber Batten

For kwikstage scaffolding battens, there are steel type batten and timber batten for your choosing.

Steel kwikstage scaffolding battens are mainly galvanized. You can choose Pre-galvanized or Hot dip galvanized according to your construction environment condition and budget plan.

Timber kwikstage scaffold battens could be made from LVL timber boards or solid wood boards. There are fire resistant timber boards too if needed.

You can put endplates at both ends of the timber boards to protect the kwikstage batten edgers. End plates are also good extending the kwikstage batten’s life span.

Kwikstage Scaffold Batten Marks

According to AS 1576 and AS 1577, all kwikstage scaffolding components and parts are request to put the Standard No. on. For kwikstage battens, Wellmade also put marks on kwikstage batten:

AS 1577: 2013 

WLL 250KG 


Your company logo or marks could be added in the marks too. If you want to do further print service on the surface of the kwikstage battens. Wellmade is able to offer the customized requirement.

Galvanized Steel Kwikstage Scaffold Battens

Pre-galvanized kwikstage battens

Pre-galvanized kwikstage battens are cheaper galvanized boards compare to Hot dip galvanized. It is formed and welded from GI steel coils.  Thus the welding line is a weak point of the Pre-galvanized kwik Stage battens.  Pre-galvanized kwik stage boards with less zinc thickness too.

hot dip galvanized kwikstage battens

Compare to Pre-galvanized kwikstage battens, hot dip galvanized is in higher cost. But it is a type of the most durable treatment of kwikstage scaffolding system. The zinc thickness of the HDG kwisktage battens could be reach to 60-80 micro.

Kwikstage Battens Package

The kwikstage battens are always packaged by the wood bar or wood racks. This type of package could be operated by forklift trailer. It is convenient for your shipping. More than that, packed kwisktage scaffold battens are easy to stock and transit by trucks.

How to Install Kwikstage Scaffold Battens

Kwikstage scaffold battens are without plank hooks and with plain ends. During the kwikstage system installation, they are arranged to sit on kwikstage transoms. You just need to put the scaffold battens on the kwikstage transoms. That’s it. The easiest way to form scaffold platforms for scaffolding construction. No need to consider the plank hook conflicts.

If you want to form any work platforms for side bracket scaffolding. The kwikstage scaffold battens are able to work with the side scaffolding components of kwikstage one-board brackets, two-board brackets, and three-board brackets.

For construction safety and security, kwikstage tie bars are used in the kwikstage side bracket scaffolding. The tie bars are able to protect the kwikstage battens from moving. It secures the side scaffolding platforms in position.

How to Deal with Gaps For Scaffold Platforms

Kwikstage scaffold boards’ widths and lengths are always standardized. This makes good compatibility for the kwik stage scaffolding system. But will cause some big or small gaps in the work platform.

In order to fill the gaps, you can have three solutions:

  1. Use the Kwikstage Scaffold Lap Plates to Fill Small Gaps
  2. Use the Infill Planks to Fill The Long and Narrow Gaps
  3. Use the Corner Panels to Fill Gaps At the Corner

Wellmade Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

Wellmade is a famous brand in scaffolding quality. We are the OEM scaffold factory for many famous formworks and scaffolding companies. In our 20 years of manufacturing experience, we under very well that Win-Win Benefits make long-term cooperation.

You are not only can find #1 scaffolding quality products, but also competitive prices in saving your cost.

Wellmade’s kwikstage battens are manufactured according to Australian Standard AS 1577 with WLL 250KG.

More than that, Wellmade does the regular daily test for your kwikstage batten to secure 100% tests and inspected qualified products reaching you.

If you want a door to door delivery, Wellmade has the full capacity to do that. In the past, our kwisktage scaffolding materials are delivered to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane cities in Australian

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

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