Kwikstage 2 Board Hop Up Bracket

Wellmade’s two board hop up bracket is parts of Australia and British standard quick stage scaffold system. It is tested and certified in Australia as Worksafe construction materials.
We produce the two board hop up bracket to Australia scaffolding companies, formwork companies as well as construction companies.  The major cities Welmmade services include Sydney, Perth, Melbourne etc.
Wellmdae produces the kwisktage scaffolding two boards hop up bracket parts according to ISO9001 management. We control the kwik stage system parts quality from raw material, welding to surface and mock up.  More than that, as a CE certified scaffolding and formwork manufacturer, Wellmade’s welding quality is the top.
Send us your kwisktage scaffolding tow board hop up bracket need, we will quote you a competitive price immediately.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Two Board Hop Up Bracket

Wellmade ‘s 2 board hop-up brackets are in two scaffold board-wide. The hop up brackets are made from 50 x 50mm  iron angle structure. Wellmade use the high strength steel angle, which must be tested in raw material according to international scaffolding standards.
There are wedge keys on the kwisktage 2 board hop up brakcets. The wedge key onnects with   V Pressing of the kwikstage scaffolding standard in scaffolding erection. It is Fixing the two board hop up brackets together with the kwikstage system main frames.
Wellmade’s two board hop up brackets are used in all construction industries and formwork shuttering support.
The 2 board Hop-up brackets and all other components of kwik stage scaffolding components and parts are tested and Certified in Australian Melbourne City. The test and certification is according to Australian scaffold standards AS/NZS 1576.
In erection, the quick stage scaffolding brackets offer scaffolding steel batten deck extending solution for the kwikstage system.  It forms with scaffolding standard an additional step up work and walk platform.  

Other Size of the Hop-Up Brackets Include 

· One Board Hop-Up Brackets
· Three Board Hop-Up Brackets 

The surface of the Kwikstage 2 Board Hop-Up Brackets  

· Coloured Painted 
· Hot Dip Galvanized (Durable)

Kwikstage Scaffolding 2 Board Hop-Up Bracket Size

WAKB2BKwikstage Scaffold 2 Board Hop-Up Bracket50 x 510mmColoured | Galvanised
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