Kwikstage Scaffold Standards

Wellmade’s kwisktage scaffold standard is vertical poles of quick stage system.  You can find South Africa type, Australia and British Type kwikstage scaffolding standards here.
Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffolding standards are tested and certified as Worksafe material and tested according to international scaffolding standards.
In fabrication, the kwikstage scaffolding and standard verticals are manufactured according to ISO 9001 management.  We are ISO 3834 and EN 1090 CE certified kwikstage scaffold factory with top-quality welding quality.
You can find both hot-dip galvanized and painted kwikstage scaffolding standards for your construction. In addition, Wellmade offers customized logo on your kwikstage scaffold cargos and offer door to door delivery if request.
Send us your kwik stage scaffold system and standard requirement to get a competitive price.

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Wellmade’s South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding standards

Wellmade’s  South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding standard is different with UK and Australia kwikstage standards.

It is made from O.D48.3mm x 3.35mm scaffold tube,  while Australia and UK are made from O.D 48.3×4.0mm type 4 scaffold tube. In scaffolding erection, both types of kwikstage scaffolding standards are with V clips to connect with kwikstage ledger horizontals.
According to South Africa national construction scaffolding standard requirement -SANS1008, the South African type of kwik stage scaffold standards raw material steel grade should use Q345(S355) high strength steel.
As a vertical part of the kwik stage modular scaffold system, connectors between the standards are very important in high level construction and formwork. Wellmade is able to offer you both spigot type and socket sleeve type conenctors.
  • Spigot type connector for South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding standard

O.D 38mm round tube kwikstage scaffolding standards spigot is the most used connector between the verticals.  It is with washer. In erection, the spigot is inserted into standard inside.
  • Socket sleeve connectors for the South Africa quick stage scaffold

Socket sleeve is special designed quick stage scaffold standard. It is welded at the top end with an O.D 57mm socket tubes. The socket tube is fixed on the quick stage standards. Thus it is not removable and not easy to be lost at the construction site.
south africa kwik stage scaffolding

The south africa kwikstage scaffolding standards ar used in all types of construction industries. Include civil construction, industrial construction, building maintenances, shipyard, temporary sidewalk scaffold and access tower etc. More than construction, it is used also in concrete formwork slab support in the S.A.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Standards Vertical Size&Specifications for Peri Formwork

WKSA050.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×5002.58KG
WKSA101.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×10005.15KG
WKSA151.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×15007.72KG
WKSA202.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×200010.30KG
WKSA252.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×250012.88KG
WKSA303.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×300015.45KG
WKSA353.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×350017.39KG
WKSA404.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×400020.60KG


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