Kwikstage Scaffold Standards

South Africa Type Kwikstage Scaffolding Standards is made from O.D48.3mm x 3.35mm Scaffold Tube with V Clips.
It is Vertical Parts of Kwik Stage Modular System.
Kwikstage Scaffolding is used in Concrete Formwork Slab Support In S.A. It is also used in Construction and Building.
South African Type of Kwik Stage Scaffold Standards Raw Material Steel Grade Should be Q345(S355) High Strength According to SANS1008 National Scaffolding Standard Requirement.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

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Peri Formwork Kwikstage Scaffolding Standards Vertical

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WKSA101.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×10005.15KG
WKSA151.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×15007.72KG
WKSA202.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×200010.30KG
WKSA252.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×250012.88KG
WKSA303.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×300015.45KG
WKSA353.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×350017.39KG
WKSA404.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×400020.60KG


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