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K Lock Scaffolding

Wellmade K Lock Scaffolding is mainly export to Gulf Countries and the UK. It is also called cup and lock or cuplock scaffold.

Our k lock scaffolding is tested according to EN 12810 standard. It is a modular scaffold system able to be used for both your construction access and concrete formwork support for your slabs and beams.

In fabrication, Wellmade is an ISO 9001 management scaffold manufacturer in China. More than that, it is ISO 3834&EN1090 CE certified. We ensure the k lock scaffolding quality in steel raw material structure quality, welding, and mock-up for your construction safety.

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K Lock Scaffolding Components and Parts

k lock scaffolding standards

K lock scaffolding standards are vertical parts of the cuplock system. It is manufactured with top cup and bottom cup. K lock scaffolding standards could open ends or with a spigot for concrete slabs or scaffold tower.

k lock scaffolding ledger

K lock scaffold ledgers are horizontal parts of the k lock system scaffold. It is with open or closed ledger blades at both ends connect with the cuplock top cups. Wellmade custom your k lock scaffolding ledgers in sizes. Ledger blade

k lock scaffold intermediate transom

K lock scaffold intermediate transom is tubular type transom. It is scaffold planks support between cuplock ledgers. Sizes include 565mm, 795mm, 1.3m, 1.8m, and 2.5m. It can be with or without wedge pins.

Cuplock Scaffolding Swivel Blade Brace Diagonal Parts of Cup Lock System

K lock scaffolding brace is diagonal parts of cuplock system. There are 3 types of diagonal brace: swivel blade braces, swivel clamp braces and snap on lock braces.

Cuplock Scaffolding Omega Bracket

K lock scaffolding system include one board, two board and three board bracket connect to the cuplock tower main frames. According to the structure fabrications, there are tubular type cuplock bracket and omega type brackets for your cuplock scaffolding construction suspend support.

Cuplock Scaffolding Omega Transom

K lock scaffolding omega transom are made from special steel structure. According to the sizes, there are one board , two board and three board omega transom. It is used to support scaffold battens in construction access and building towers.

k lock scaffolding caster adapter 1

K lock scaffolding caster adapter are used to connect scaffold caster wheels and cuplock vertical parts. It is with top cup and bottom cups. Cuplock caster adapter used popular in mobile & rolling scaffold towers.

Cuplock System Lattice Girder

K lock scaffolding lattice girder are a type of scaffold beams. It is supplied big span support to the cuplock scaffolding tower in construction. The cuplock lattice girder sizes are custom according to your scaffolding design.

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Ladders

K lock scaffolding steel ladders are with socket connectors. It is used to attached on the cuplock scaffold tower by the ladder brackets. K lock steel ladders offers an access system on the cuplock construction.

K Lock Scaffolding Access Tower

k lock scaffold access towerWellmade k lock scaffolding access tower includes access components of cuplock scaffold stairs, steel scaffold ladders, scaffold steel planks or timber boards, etc.

For the k lock scaffolding stairs, there are aluminium types and steel types. The access stair sizes are designed according to the cuplock ledger and vertical bay sizes.

K lock scaffolding ladders always with socket tubes at the top. The socket tube is a vertical connector between cuplock ladders. K lock scaffolding ladders are fixed by the ladder bracket.

Scaffold planks are boards are supported by the cuplock transom or omega transoms between cuplock ledgers. There are hook on steel planks, steel scaffold battens and timber scaffold boards compatible with the k lock scaffolding access tower in construction building, maintenances and access.

K Lock Scaffolding For Slab

K lock scaffolding for slab is used popularly in concrete formwork shoring. With open-end cuplock verticals, the k lock scaffolding is connected with the slab system components and parts of decking beams, infill beams as primary and secondary beams. The decking beams are connected by the drop heads.

K lock scaffolding drop heads are working with the socket base plate and adjustable universal jacks. While the universal jacks are in O.D 38mm, which is inserted into the OD 48.3mm(1.5″) cuplock vertical pipes.

k lock scaffolding slab formwork with decking beams and infill beams
k lock scaffolding slab formwork with decking beams and infill beams

Wellmade k lock scaffolding slab system is also called metriform formwork system.  According to your slab thickness, we can design for you the k lock scaffolding metriform grid dimensions.

The k lock slab scaffolding decking beams are made from a 100mm steel profile with top flang.  Include the following standard sizes.  Wellmade also customs your decking beams sizes.

WKDB12Decking Beam 1200mm100mm11.54
WKDB18Decking Beam 1800mm100mm17.34
WKDB25Decking Beam 2500mm100mm26.75

K lock scaffolding infill beam sizes include 1.0m, 1.3m, 1.6m, and 1.8m.

K lock scaffolding drop head is in 152mmx100mm head plate. While the drop head is in 214mm height.

Painting & Galvanized Steel K Lock Scaffolding

paint k lock scaffolding

Painting steel k lock scaffolding is request in a lot of countries. It is finished in custom colors. The painting surface helps protect cuplock scaffolding components from corrosion.  Paint K lock scaffolding can be used for your building access, maintenance, and concrete formwork beams and slabs.  Compare to galvanized k lock scaffold, paint k lock scaffold saves construction cost.

galvanized steel k lock scaffolding

Hot dip galvanized is the most durable k lock scaffolding finishing. Oil gas companies, onshore and offshore projects need the galvanized k lock scaffolding. While scaffolding rental companies require the galvanized k lock scaffold materials for long-term and recycling scaffolding construction.

K Lock Scaffolding Accessories

Cuplock Scaffolding Top Cup
Top Cup

K lock scaffolding is a prefabricated modular scaffolding system. If you are scaffolding companies, looking for k lock scaffolding accessories, Wellmade is able to supply you with the top quality k lock materials. Like O.D 48.3mm scaffold tube for cuplock verticals and cuplock ledgers. O.D 38mm scaffold tubes for adjustable screw jacks.

For cuplock top cups, there are drop forged type and cast iron type. K lock ledger blades include the open type and closed type. All of the k lock scaffolding is in black(M.S) finishing for your fabrication purpose.

  • Top Cups
  • Bottom Cups
  • Ledger Blades
  • Spigot Pins
  • Scaffold Tubes
  • Jack Nuts
  • Scaffold Fittings
  • Base Plates

Wellmade: Your Professional K Lock Scaffolding Manufacturer

If you are a construction company and contractors, Wellmade will be your best k lock scaffolding supplier in China. We do not only manufactures the k lock scaffold, but supplies only high quality k lock scaffolding to you.

Firstly, the Wellmade k lock scaffolding system is EN12810 safety tested. It is approved our k lock scaffolding load safety for your construction.

In fabrication, Wellmade manufactures the k lock scaffolding according to ISO 9001 management. Thus you can find all test reports throughout the whole k lock scaffolding production processes.

K Lock Scaffolding Steel Raw Material Test

For the k lock scaffolding steel structure materials, Wellmade test both chemical compositions and physical properties according to BS and ASTM standard.  This steel structure test ensures the qualification before using into k lock scaffolding mass production.

Top Cup, Bottom Cup, and Ledger Blades Test

Cuplock accessories qualities are important factors related to the k lock scaffolding quality. Wellmade test the k lock scaffolding top cups, bottom cups, and ledgers bladed load capacity, shearing, and hardness to ensure the k lock scaffolding accessories quality stable and safety in construction erection.

K Lock Scaffolding Welding Quality Test

As a prefabricated modular scaffold system, cuplock accessories have to be welded on the steel structures. Wellmade is a CE-certified scaffolding factory, the welding quality is trained and approved in Europe according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standard.

You can find the top-quality welding on our k lock scaffolding materials. More than that, during the manufacturing, we do theoretical throat tests for the welding lines and penetrate tests to ensure all of our k lock scaffolding are qualified.

More than that, Wellmade k lock scaffolding is allowed with CE marks. You can import the k lock scaffolding materials and use them throughout the European countries.

K Lock Scaffolding Components Load Test

Wellmade has its own lab house. Our engineers do k lock scaffolding components load test. This helps you with the technical data and safety calculation.

Mock Up Inspection for Your K Lock Scaffold

Wellmade not only considers the quality of your k lock scaffolding materials. We also consider the k lock scaffolding parts compatible. Thus all of the k lock scaffolding parts are mocked up in our workshop to ensure sizes and locks are work well with each other.

Wellmade Custom Your K Lock Scaffolding Materials

As an OEM scaffolding manufacturer, we not only produce standard k lock scaffolding materials and components. Our engineers and technicians are able to custom your k lock scaffolding sizes according to your construction building and concrete shuttering design.

In addition, your companies’ logos and marks are able to print on for marketing, advertise, and recognizing purposes.

K Lock Scaffold Door to Door Delivery

Wellmade is not only a cuplock scaffolding factory. We are very export in export too. With hundreds of agents, we are able to deliver the k lock scaffolding materials to your construction projects and warehouses. You can get the k lock scaffold materials directly from China as simple as purchasing them from the local market.

At the same time, you can get more benefits in custom size, logos, free designs, and wholesale prices without middle agent cost.

If you are a scaffolding company, Wellmade can bring great benefits to you too.  We are the k lock scaffolding manufacturer, thus can meet up all of your custom design and specifications by changing molds and jigs.  Your company logos and marks are embossed on the k lock scaffolding materials.

Wellmade not only supply you high quality finished k lock scaffolding materials. You can also find complete components, accessories of the k lock scaffolding system for further manufacturing and fabrication. More than that, our lab house test and strict quality controlling system make all of your k lock scaffolding orders trackable and controllable.  All test reports, certifications are offered against each production batch.

Import the k lock scaffolding material from Wellmade, will save your cost and time too. We have a global forward system that can deliver the k lock scaffold material to your warehouse while you can have competitive prices by Wellmade’s efficient management and win-win benefits cooperation.

Wellmade k lock scaffolding is a type of versatile modular system. It is safe, fast and easy to erect. Thus, the K lock scaffolding is used widely in building scaffolding, facade scaffolding, mobile scaffold, access scaffolding and slab shoring support.

Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

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