ISO 3834 Welding Quality Certification: Scaffold

ISO 3834 is Welding Quality Requirements Certification. It is a required certification before CE certificate according to Construction Products Regulations for any Structural Components Designed and Fabricated for Steel and Aluminium Structure in Building.  
Wellmade Scaffold, as lead Chinese Based Scaffolding Company, Manufacturing Scaffolding with CE Marking to Europe according to EN 1090-1: Requirement of Conformity Assessment for Structural Components CE Marking.  
The company has passed both ISO 3834 Welding Quality Certification and EN 1090 CE Certification in Scaffolding Industry and Scaffolding Manufacturing.  
  • Construction Products Regulations (CPR)
  • Scaffolding Regulation
  • European Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding Safety
  • Welding Certification

ISO 3834 welding quality certification for scaffolding- wellmade scaffold china lead oem scaffolding company manufacturer

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