Infill Beams for Cuplock Slab Formwork

Wellmade scaffold’s infill beam is component of cuplock slab formwork system. It is used a lot for the concrete shuttering system support scaffolding.
The infill beams, together with slab formwork components of decking beams, drop head forming a slab system. It provides transom support underneath formwork plywood.
According to your cuplock slab formwork design, Wellmade is able to supply the infill beams according to your requirement.
Send us your slab formwork cuplock system needs to get a competitive price now.

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Wellmade’s Infill Beams

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Wellmade Custimizes your infill beam’s size and you can have the following standard sizes.

Cuplock Scaffold Infill Beam Size

WCFIB060Infill Beam 0.6m100×6002.28KG
WCFIB090Infill Beam 0.9m100×9003.25KG
WCFIB100Infill Beam 1.0m100×10003.58KG
WCFIB120Infill Beam 1.2m100×12004.23KG
WCFIB130Infill Beam 1.3m100×13004.55KG
WCFIB150Infill Beam 1.5m100×15005.20KG
WCFIB160Infill Beam 1.6m100×16005.52KG
WCFIB170Infill Beam 1.7m100×17005.85KG
WCFIB180Infill Beam 1.8m100×18006.17KG
WCFIB200Infill Beam 2.0m100×20006.82KG

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