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  • Wellmade is Shell & KNPC Approved Scaffold Vendor
  • CE Certificate (ISO3834 & EN 1090
  • ISO 9001 
  • Complete System Scaffold
  • Customized Design & Mark
  • Scaffold Warranty 

Certificates & Partners

  • KNPC Kuwait National Petroleum Company
  • Shell
  • sinopec
  • china petroleum
  • Shell
  • peri formwork

Industrial Scaffolding Material Production Video

Wellmade is a scaffolding manufacturing special in industrial scaffolding. We are the approved scaffolding supplier for oil gas industrial scaffolding companies like Shell, KNPC, Sinopec etc.

You can find high-quality industrial scaffolding materials in Wellmade. All of the industrial scaffold materials are CE certificated and tested according to international scaffolding standard: EN 39, EN 12810, EN 74 etc.

We serve you with all types of industrial scaffolding equipment: Modular Scaffold System, Access Scaffold Tower, Suspended Scaffolding, Support Scaffolding, Cantilever Scaffolding, Independent Scaffolding, Heavy Duty Scaffold etc

You can find from here not only steel industrial scaffolding but also aluminium and rolling scaffold tower. Send us your industrial scaffolding requirement to get a competitive price and door to door service.

Industrial Scaffolding Equipment

ringlock system industrial scaffolding

Ringlock system is one of the most common industrial scaffolding equipment. Using the ringlock system components&parts can form all types of industrial scaffolding. O.D 48.3mm normal ringlock scaffolding  is the most required for the industrial companies. While heavy duty shoring system ring lock is available too.

cuplock system industrial scaffolding

Cuplock system scaffolding is another modular scaffold system used popularly in industrial scaffolding. There is hot dip galvanized cuplock and painting cup scaffolding. Cuplock system with top cup and bottom cup on vertical. Some industrial companies change cuplock system into ringlock system these years.

kwikstage system industrial scaffolding

You can find Australian & British Standard Kwikstage System for your industrial scaffolding construction. While South Africa type and Indonesia speed shore type kwikstage system is available too. We offer you a painting and galvanized stage scaffolding.

Industrial Scaffolding Sector

Wellmade excels in industrial scaffolding system design, manufacturer and exporter. Our high-quality industrial scaffolding materials are customized designed, adaptable for all temporary and permanent scaffolding construction. Thus it is effectively and productively used in the following industry sectors:Interior scaffolding for tank project

  • Oil and Gas Scaffolding
  • Offshore Scaffolding
  • Refinery Scaffolding
  • Tank Scaffolding
  • Heavy-duty Shoring
  • Power Generation & Nuclear
  • Fabrication Process  Industry
  • Shipyard and shipbuilding
  • Heritage Matainance Project
  • Football Staircase
  • Stage and Spector Stands
  • Marine Scaffolding
  • Insulation scaffolding
Scaffolding In Oil and Gas Industry

offshore project using tube and clamp system scaffold

Scaffolding using in oil and gas industry mainly for maintenance purpose.  The oil gas scaffolding project always needs meticulous planning to ensure the best possibility of safety, efficiency and productivity.  Wellmade have wide choices for oil gas projects. However, the following 2 scaffold system are the most used and required for oil gas companies.

  1. Tube and clamp scaffolding: The tube scaffolding system is a type of traditional oil gas scaffolding system material. The scaffold system includes components and parts of 1) Scaffold Fittings En 74/BS1139 standard, 2) EN 39 standard Scaffold Tubes 3) Scaffolding Boards & Planks 4) Scaffolding Aluminium Ladders 5) Lattice Beam & Ladder beams etc
  2. Ringlock Scaffolding System: tube and clamp scaffolding could be replaced by ring lock modular system if you want a faster scaffolding erection.  The ring scaffolding is with prefabricated elements.  Thus no need extra fittings. Ringlock scaffolding is able to work together with the tube clamp system

Steel VS Aluminium Industrial Scaffolding

steel industrial scaffolding

Steel industrial scaffolding is with heavy-duty load capacity. It is used not only for exterior scaffolding but also used in interior industrial scaffolding. The steel industrial scaffolding includes system scaffold, frame scaffolding, tube and clamps, access scaffold and scaffold tower etc. Steel industrial scaffolding is working with aluminium scaffold parts like ladders, planks and stairs etc.

aluminium industrial scaffolding

Aluminium Scaffolding is also used in industrial construction.  It is not as widely used as steel scaffolding. It is lightweight but higher cost. Thus aluminium scaffolding is used more for rolling and mobile scaffolding. Aluminium scaffold parts are some times working with steel scaffolding system fixing by scaffold fittings. You can find Aluminum Beams, Trapdoor Platform in the steel industrial scaffolding.

Industrial Scaffolding Quality Control

Wellmade is a qualified industrial scaffolding manufacturer and exporter. We are not only the ISO 9001 industrial scaffold factory but also a CE certified company.

You cand find complete test result for your industrial scaffolding materials includes:

  1. Metal material mill certificate
  2. Welding line quality test
  3. Industrial scaffold elements shearing and property test
  4. Safety load test report
  5. Surface & finishing test

With 100% quality control from head to foot, we are able to give you the industrial scaffolding warranty.

Wellmade’s Industrial Scaffolding Types

Wellmade’s Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding is also called a hanging scaffold. It is the most popular scaffolding types using in offshore scaffolding, oil and gas scaffolding, marine scaffolding etc. Suspended scaffolding can be framed by tube and clamp scaffolding EN39 , AS 1576 standard or ringlock scaffolding in EN 12810 standard.

suspended scaffolding for oil and gas industrial scaffolding project
suspended scaffolding for oil and gas industrial scaffolding project

Wellmade’s Supported Scaffold

Same as civil scaffolding and formwork scaffolding, support scaffold frame is also required in industrial scaffolding. According to the concrete slab and beam thickness, Wellmade is ready to supply you normal duty and heavy duty shoring scaffolding system. You can choose ringlock system, cuplock system, kwikstage system, crab scaffolding, quick lock scaffolding, frame system and scaffolding props and jacks for your support scaffold.

Wellmade’s Independent scaffolding

Independent scaffolding is able to form by both modular scaffold and tubular scaffolding. If your project time is tight, the modular scaffold would be the better solution. It is quicker and easier in the erection.   While tube and clamp scaffolding need more technicals in erection and dismantle.

Wellmade’s Cantilever Scaffolding

Cantilever Scaffolding is always a suspending part from the main scaffolding frames. You can use the cantilever bracket, side bracket to reach this purpose. Cantilever scaffolding can form a work platform and walking way by putting scaffolding boards and planks on. All of Wellmade’s scaffolding system are able to form Cantilever Scaffolding.

Wellmade’s Access Tower

There are mobile access tower and building surround scaffold tower in Wellmade. The access scaffold tower are always with scaffolding stairs and ladders. You can use a modular scaffold, frame scaffold and tube clamp scaffolding to form an access scaffold tower.

Mobile access scaffold tower could be the aluminium type or steel baker tower.  It is with caster wheels at the bottom. Thus it is also called rolling scaffolding.

baker scaffold access tower mobile lightweight
baker scaffold access tower mobile lightweight

Heavy Duty Scaffold

Wellmade’s heavy duty scaffold are framed by Ringlock Shore System, Crab 60 shoring system and Shoring frame system. You can also choose heavy duty acrow props for heavy duty concrete shuttering support.

Industrial Scaffolding Safety & Protection Parts

Industrial safety is the crucial factor of construction. Wellmade offers protection scaffolding parts and components for your industrial construction. It includes steel scaffolding toe boards, industrial swing gates, gin wheels, davit arms etc.

Industrial Scaffolding Marks and Logo

Wellmade is always put your special logos on your industrial scaffolding products and elements. In Oil and gas scaffolding material shipping, Wellmade is very experienced in making shipping marks meet up clients’ requirement.

Industrial Scaffolding Racks and Cages

Compare to construction scaffolding, scaffolding storage and transportation safety is more important in industrial scaffolding. Wellmade understand that very well and have oil and gas companies’ experience in scaffold rack and cages design. The industrial scaffolding package design not only suits for shipping by sea or by train/trucks. But also ensure your safety in the stack and transferring.

industrial scaffolding racks and cages for oil gas companies Wellmade
Industrial Scaffolding Racks&Cages for Oil Gas Companies

Wellmade Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

In more than 20 years of industrial scaffolding business, Wellmade understand that the real meaning of Win-Win benefits. 90% of our industrial scaffolding orders are from global old clients and repeat orders.  We understand in scaffolding industrial Value is the most important factor in business.  Not only price.

You will find Wellmade the really high-value products. We ensure your industrial scaffolding quality and warranty, while our price and cost are controllable to ensure you have great benefits in dealing with us.

With a benchmark of win-win benefits, Wellmade now is a very famous OEM scaffolding manufacturer. Our business is not only to end-users of contractors and construction companies, oil gas companies etc, scaffolding and formwork companies also import the industrial scaffolding from Wellmade.

Industrial Scaffolding Test Report  and 3rd Party TPI

For oil and gas companies, petrochemical companies etc, 3rd party TPI is very important before shipping. Wellmade has complete test facilities for the third parties testing and inspection.  Wellmade accept release note after test and inspection past. Wellmade’s scaffolding engineers are also very professional in testing. You can collect every step test records for your order.

Industrial Scaffolding Door to Door Delivery

Wellmade has a wide range of transportation agencies and forwarders,  we are able to deliver materials until your construction site and stockyard.

Industrial Scaffolding Product Design Service

As a professional industrial scaffolding manufacturer, we are able to provide scaffolding product design according to your industry application.

Industrial Scaffolding FAQ Guide

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