How to Use Ladder Clamp in Access Scaffold

Ladder Clamp is one of Scaffold Fittings Used Popular in Tube Coupler System. It is Used One End, Connect with Scaffold Ladders, While Another End Fixing to Scaffold Tube OD48mm.
Wellmade Scaffold Produces Pressed Type and Drop Forged Type of Ladder Clamps.
This is a Photo to Show How to Fix Scaffolding Aluminium or Steel Ladders onto Scaffolding System Components in Tube Clamp System.
The Ladder Clamp Should be BS1139 or EN74 Standard in Galvanizing for Safety and Durable  In Construction and  Scaffolding Assembly. During Ladder Coupler Fixing, the Butterfly Nut Makes Faster, More Convenient for The Tightening.
how to use scaffold ladder clamp to access scaffold tower with scaffold tube 48mm
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