How to Use Scaffold Limpet Plank Clamp

  1. Connect Scaffold Tubes By Scaffold Fittings(Coupler) To Form Scaffold Frame Structure
  2.  Fixing Scaffold Transoms Between Scaffold Horizontals and Standards By Scaffolding Couplers
  3. Put Scaffold Boards On Scaffold Ledgers and Transoms
  4. Open Scaffold Limpet Clamps
  5. Put The Limpet Clamp Covers The Top of the Scaffold Boards
  6. Limpet Clamp Bolt Are Extended to the Bottom of the Scaffold Boards Along The Scaffold Board Height(Thick)
  7. Turn The Hooks of the Limpet Clamp Hooks to Scaffold Tube and Connect Scaffold Transoms Under the Boards
  8. Turning Limpet Clamp Nuts and Tightening the Limpet Clamp To Scaffold Boards
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