How to Use Scaffold Limpet Clamp

When buyers ask how to use scaffold limpet clamp. I select some limpet clamps and conclude the steps of how to use the scaffold limpet clamps.

Limpet clamps are a light weight type of scaffold board clamps, made from high-strength steel plates. Following are the steps for using the limpet clamps.

  1. Put Scaffold Boards On Scaffold Ledgers and Transoms
  2. Open Up The Limpet Clamps
  3. Limpet Clamp Hooks Scaffold Transoms (Underneath the Boards)
  4. Move Limpet Clamps to Right Place On Scaffold Boards
  5. Cover the Cap of the Limpet Clamp On Top of The Scaffold Boards
  6. Fix Scaffold Boards On Scaffold Transoms By Tightening Screw Parts of the Limpet Clamps
  7. One Scaffold Board Need Several Limpet Clamps Fixing
  8. The Limpet Clamps Are Used in Pairs
how to fix scaffold boards by limpet clamp jis standard japnese type of board retaining coupler board clamps

Limpet Clamp VS Board Retaining Coupler

Limpet clamps and board retaining couplers are both types of board clamps in scaffolding system. They are used to secure scaffold boards and teo boards to scaffold structures. You can find following features of the two diffrent board clamps.

Limpet Clamp Features

  • Light Weight
  • Cheaper Price
  • Fix Max Board Height 65mm
  • Made From Steel Plates
  • Quick In Erection
  • Hook At Bottom In Construction
  • Cap Connect with Scaffold Boards

Board Retaining Coupler Features

  1. Heavy Weight
  2. Forged + Pressed Material
  3. Fix Boards 38-50mm
  4. Hooks Are At the Top Of Boards In Construction
  5. Covers Connect to 48.3mm Scaffold Transom(Underneath of the Boards)
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