How to Load Scaffold Tube by Crane & Forklift

When you import scaffold tubes from China or aboard by containers. You must suffer to consider how to unload the long sizes of scaffold tubes from containers.
The scaffold tubes are always packed in bundles say 61 pcs per bundle. One bundle of scaffold tubes is long and heavy. Following are the steps on how to take the scaffold tubes out of the container. You can check the video for operation too.

How to unload the scaffold tubes by hoisting machines(cranes)

  1. Circle Two Straps On Two Ends of the Scaffold Tube Bundle
  2. Use a Crane Lever to Ensure the Staps are Stable without Moving
  3. Lifting the Straps By Crane Hooks
  4. Put the Pipes On The Timber Racks
  5. Move Out The Hooks and Straps Out and Unload the Next Bundle

How to Unload scaffold tubes by forklift trucks

  1. Circle Steel Chain At The Out End of The Scaffold Tube Bundles
  2. Insert The Forklift Forks Inside of the Steel Chain
  3. Move Scaffold Tubes Near the Container Door
  4. Lift Out the Scaffold Tube Bundles In Stock

Videos for unloading operation:

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