How to Annex Round Ladder to Scaffold Safely

Round Type Scaffold Steel Ladder is not as popular as Aluminium Ladder or Square Hollow Type Steel Scaffolding Ladder.  It is special designed for Layher Allround System to Europe. 

The Round Scaffold Steel Ladder is made from OD48.3mm Vertical Tube with Anti-Slip Steps. 

Surface Treatment of the Round Type Steel Ladders are always Hot dip galvanized for durable usage. 
The special designed steel ladder are include 2 pieces of Spigot Coupling Pins, allows Connection and a Continuous Height of the Ladder on Scaffolds Vertically. 
Round Steel Ladder, as normal ladders, do not have self- lock device. Thus a putlog scaffold fittings are required to annex the ladders onto scaffold horizontal or verticals safely. 
Putlog coupler should set at both sides of the steel ladders. According to the ladder  height(length), Pairs of putlog couplers are required. 
layher type scaffolding steel ladder round pipe type with anti slip steps
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