Hook On Scaffold Board -ZA Kwikstage Scaffolding Parts

Hook On Scaffold Boards is Parts of South African Kwik Stage Scaffolding.  Wellmade is South Africa Kwik Stage Scaffolding Manufacturer In China.  You can find all parts of the Kwik Stage Scaffold Here.

Wellmade’s Hook-On Scaffold Boards are Designed According to Peri and Formscaff Scaffolding Drawings. It is Compatible with All ZA Type Kwik Stage Scaffold System.

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Wellmade’s South African Type Hook On Scaffold Boards is in Size of 63mm Height & 230mm Width.
It sits on Kwikstage Ledgers and Brackets In Construction Scaffolding & Access.
Kwikstage Ledgers for Hook On Scaffold Boards are made by 48.3mm Scaffold Tube. Thus the Scaffold Boards Hooks are Matched with the Kwisktage Ledgers.
Hook On Scaffold Boards offers Access Solutions for the South Africa Kwikstage Scaffolding System. In the Construction Scaffolding, You can use the Hook-on Scaffold Boards working with Kwikstage Ledgers, Trap door platforms, Kwisktage Bracket etc.

South Africa Kwikstage Hook On Scaffold Boards Size&Specification

WSKB2502.5m Scaffold Boards63x2500mm19.5KG
WSKB2002.0m Scaffold Boards63x2000mm15.7KG
WSKB1501.5m Scaffold Boards63x1500mm11.94KG
WSKB1291.29m Scaffold Boards63x1294mm10.62KG
WSKB0900.90m Scaffold Boards63x900mm7.75KG


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