Hollow Screw Leveling Jack - South Africa Kwikstage System

This type of adjustable leveling jack is components of South Africa kwisktage scaffold system. It is made from high strength steel tubular scaffolding pipes. Thus it is called hollow type adjustable scaffold leveling jacks.
Wellmade produces the hollow type screw leveling jack according to EN 74 as well as EN 12811 standard. In manufacturing, the screw jack base leveling is produced according to ISO 9001 management and ISo 3834, EN1090 welding quality.
With confident of our leveling jack quality, Wellmade is able to offer you free warranties.  If you want a door to door delivery, Wellmade is able to offer too.
Send us your leveling jack and kwikstage scaffold requirement to get the latest price. Our Win-win benefits will make you satisfied not only our quality but benefits in saving cost.

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Wellmade’s S.A Type Kwikstage Scaffold Leveling Jack

In construction engineering, Wellmade’s scaffold screw jack is used as the scaffold feet at bottom of the kwikstage scaffolding tower.  So the leveling jacks are designed for O.D 48.3mm scaffolding standard poles of the South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding system.
There is a flat base plate at bottom of the adjustable hollow screw levelling jack. It is in sizes of 150x150mm.
The non-screwed part on the leveling jacks is used to stop the screw jack nut run out from the max height in construction using and erection. It is a type of a good way to keep construction safety.
You can find that this type of hollow leveling jacks is with heavy-duty jack nut. This levelling jack handling nut is designed customized for Peri and Formscaff companies. The screw nut handle allows kwikstage standard seated on it stably. More than that, the leveling jack nut is able to increase the loading capacity in function.


  • The Hollow Jack Base Is Available in Painted, E-galvanized and Hot dip galvanized.
  • Adjustable Max Leveling Height  is 610mm. Thus it is Called 610 R/O Jack Base.
  • Load Capacity at Weakness Point(610mm height) is 125 KN

Adjustable Hollow Scaffold Kwikstage Screw Jack Leveling Base Sizes

SKBJ730Scaffold Jack Base 610 Run OutOD 38 x 730mm5.62 KG


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