Heavy Duty Scaffold

Heavy duty scaffold is a type of steel scaffolding used to take the heaviest weight from overhead of slabs, beams, access, and facade building construction. Using heavy-duty scaffolding materials, you can form high-load scaffold towers and frames for your concrete shoring and construction.

Wellmade is a heavy-duty scaffold manufacturer in China. You can find all types of heavy-duty scaffolding and systems here. Include

Wellmade manufactures heavy-duty scaffolding parts and components according to ISO 9001 and CE certification (ISO 3834 and EN 10901 Standard). In addition, you can get all the test reports for your heavy scaffold materials and orders. The test report includes raw material MTC, welding line test report, load capacity test report, galvanizing test report, etc.

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Wellmade Heavy Duty Scaffold

Wellmade heavy duty scaffold is also called shoring scaffold or high load scaffold system. Compare to light-duty and medium-duty scaffolds, the heavy-duty scaffold bears heavyweight loading in construction. Thus it belongs to a type of heavy construction machine.

Wellmade always designs the heavy duty scaffold in order to be compatible with your present formwork system and scaffold shoring system.

The heavy-duty scaffold is not only used in thick slab concrete and shoring for civil construction, infrastructure construction, bridge, and highway construction but also used for construction and building scaffolding like access and facade scaffolds, etc.

You can find a lot of modular heavy-duty scaffold systems in Wellmade. Include heavy-duty ringlock system, shoring frame scaffolding, crab 60 system, and adjustable prop post system, etc.

Ringlock System Heavy Duty Scaffold

Heavy-duty ringlock scaffolding is also called shore system ring lock. The heavy-duty ringlock scaffolding verticals are made from O.D 60mm scaffold tubes. The O.D 60mm ringlock scaffolding verticals form the scaffold tower with 80KN loading capacity (3 layers). Thus it is rated as a heavy-duty scaffold tower.

Wellmade heavy-duty Shoring ringlock scaffold is different from the normal ring lock scaffolding (allround scaffolding system). Normal ringlock scaffolds are made by O.D 48.3mm standard scaffold tubes.  Thus it is rated as lightweight scaffolding or medium-duty scaffolds.

According to the load capacity requirement, the heavy-duty ringlock shoring scaffold could be manufactured by steel structures in S235 or S355 steel grade. While vertical posts thickness could be 3.2mm or 4.0mm. The fabrication design is based on your construction bearing weight requirement.

If you want to use the ringlock shore system heavy-duty scaffold in construction access, facade, and building, heavy duty scaffold spigots are used as connectors between the heavy-duty scaffold ringlock posts. With the connectors, ringlock shore system scaffolds are able to form high scaffolding building towers same as ring system normal scaffolds.

We test the ultimate loading capacity for the heavy-duty scaffold ringlock system. You can use the ultimate loading capacity test results in the heavy-duty construction safety calculation.

Ringlock heavy duty scaffold is always finished in hot dip galvanized. If you want to save construction budget, painted, powder-coated, and E-galvanized ringlock shore system heavy-duty scaffolds are available too.

Crab 60 Shofing Heavy Duty Scaffold

Crab 60 shoring system is another type of modular heavy-duty scaffold. Similar to the ringlock shoring system, the crab 60 heavy-duty scaffolds are made from O.D 60mm scaffold tube too.  You can find complete components of the crab 60 heavy-duty scaffold in Wellmade including:

  • Crab 60 Scaffold Vertical Posts with Socket Sleeve(O.D70mm)
  • Crab 60 Horizontals  with C Pressing and Forged Wedge Pins
  • Crab 60 Diagonal Braces
  • Crab 60 Triangle Frames
  • Adjustable Jack Base with Socket Base Plate
  • Adjustable U Head jacks
  • Stairs and Platforms

Wellmade manufactures the Crab 60 heavy-duty scaffold by S355 steel sections structures.  In order to make the heavy-duty scaffold durable in long-term construction and shoring, you can ask hot-dip galvanized crab 60 shoring heavy-duty scaffold. While there are also self-finished, painted, or E-galvanized crab 60 shoring systems too.

Hi Load Shoring Frame Heavy Duty Scaffold

Compare to ring lock and crab 60 heavy-duty scaffolds, shoring frames are traditional heavy-duty scaffolds.   You can find a lot of different types of heavy-duty shoring frame scaffolding in Wellmade Include:

  • H Frame Scaffolding
  • V Shore Frame Scaffold
  • Walk Through Scaffold Frame

H Frame Heavy Duty Scaffold

Among shoring frame systems, H Frame heavy-duty scaffold is the most used in global construction. Wellmade H frame heavy-duty scaffold vertical tubes could be designed in O.D 60mm, O.D 57mm, O.D 52mm according to your construction bearing weight requirement.

Wellmade H frame shoring heavy-duty scaffold sizes are customized. While the width would be 3′ (914mm),4′ (1219mm),5′ (1524mm), etc.  The height of the h frame heavy-duty scaffold could be 914-2000mm customized.  You can use the h frame heavy-duty scaffold to form a heavy-duty scaffold tower in the length of 1.2m to 3.05m(10′) for construction or concrete shoring.

V Shore Frame Heavy Duty Scaffold

V shore frame heavy-duty scaffolds are required by Australian construction and formwork companies. According to your construction loading capacity requirement, you can find O.D 60mm and O.D 48mm V shore frames in Wellmade.

V shore heavy-duty scaffolds are able to be manufactured by galvanized scaffold tubes.  It is also able to be finished in hot-dip galvanizing.   Wellmade V shore heavy-duty scaffolds are always with standard sizes and specifications. If you want any custom sizes, we are able to manufacture according to your drawings or designs.

More than the above H frame and V shore frame scaffold, you can find Doka and Peri heavy-duty shoring frame scaffolding here too.

Adjustable Heavy Duty Scaffolding Props

Different from the above three heavy-duty scaffold modular systems, adjustable scaffolding props are used in concrete slabs and beams. Few of them are using in building scaffoldings.

Wellmade heavy-duty scaffold props are designed with O.D 76mm and O.D 89mm outer tube and inner O.D 63mm and o.D 76mm prop inner tubes. It is different from normal O.D 60/48mm and O.D 48/56 mm light duty or medium duty shoring props. The top and bottom plates are thick in 8mm t0 15mm according to construction bearing requirements.

Wellmade heavy-duty scaffolding adjustable props are rated as E class or F Class according to En 1065 standard. We offer ultimate load capacity against your scaffold order.

There are hot-dip galvanized, E-galvanized, painted, and powder-coated finishes for the heavy-duty scaffold props according to your durable requirement.

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