Heavy Duty Props

Wellmade is heavy-duty prop manufacturer and supplier in China. You can find all sizes of the heavy-duty prop: acrow prop size 0, size 1, size 2, size 3 and size 4. We design the heavy-duty prop size according to your slab floor & wall support height too.

Wellmade’s Heavy Duty Props are hi load adjustable steel props. It is used popularly in concrete beam and slab formwork. When the heavy-duty props work with strongboy prop mate, it is used to support wall, ceiling etc.

We manufacture heavy-duty props according to DIN EN 1065 standard. You can find Wellmade -B, Wellmade- C, Wellmade D  and Wellmade E Class of the heavy-duty props.

As a CE Certified( ISO 3834 & EN 1090) Scaffolding Manufacturer, our heavy duty props are in great welding. We control the heavy duty props quality according to ISO 9001, Testing before and during production.

Tell us your heavy duty prop requirement to get a competitive price.

Wellmade’s Heavy Duty Props

Wellmade is a high-quality heavy duty prop manufacturer. We not only manufacture heavy-duty props according to formwork and scaffolding companies’ drawing. We also design for construction and contractor engineering companies heavy-duty props with required safety load capacity at a pointed height.

Heavy Duty Prop Loading Capacity and Weight

There are different classes of Wellmade’s heavy duty props. You can choose the standard size of the acrow props according to how much does your support load bearing.

Wellmade Class B Seris Heavy Duty Props

CodeClassExtended LengthNominal characteristic
strength /Ry,k / KN
HDP-B25B 25 Class2,50 m (max)27,2 KN
HDP-B30B 30 Class3,00 m (max)22,7 KN
HDP-B35B 35 Class3,50 m (max)19,4 KN
HDP-B40B 40 Class4,00 m (max)17,0 KN
HDP-B45B 45 Class4,50 m (max)15,1 KN
HDP-B50B 50 Class5,00 m (max)13,6 KN
HDP-B55B 55 Class5,50 m (max)12,4 KN

Wellmade Class C Series Heavy Duty Props

CodeClassExtended LengthNominal characteristic
strength /Ry,k / KN
HDP-C25C 25 Class2,50 m (max)40,8 KN
HDP-C30C 30 Class3,00 m (max)34,0 KN
HDP-C35C 35 Class3,50 m (max)29,1 KN
HDP-C40C 40 Class4,00 m (max)25,5 KN
HDP-C45C 45 Class4,50 m (max)22,7 KN
HDP-C50C 50 Class5,00 m (max)20,4 KN
HDP-C55C 55 Class5,50 m (max)18,6 KN

Wellmade Class C Series Heavy Duty Props

Wellmade Class D Seris Heavy Duty Props

CodeClassExtended LengthNominal characteristic
strength /Ry,k / KN
HDP-D25D 25 Class2,50 m (max)34,0 KN
HDP-D30D 30 Class3,00 m (max)34,0 KN
HDP-D35D 35 Class3,50 m (max)34,0 KN
HDP-D40D 40 Class4,00 m (max)34,0 KN
HDP-D45D 45 Class4,50 m (max)34,0 KN
HDP-D50D 50 Class5,00 m (max)34,0 KN
HDP-D55D 55 Class5,50 m (max)34,0 KN

Wellmade Class E Series Heavy Duty Props

CodeClassExtended LengthNominal characteristic
strength /Ry,k / KN
HDP-E25E 25 Class2,50 m (max)51,0 KN
HDP-E30E 30 Class3,00 m (max)51,0 KN
HDP-E35E 35 Class3,50 m (max)51,0 KN
HDP-E40E 40 Class4,00 m (max)51,0 KN
HDP-E45E 45 Class4,50 m (max)51,0 KN
HDP-E50E 50 Class5,00 m (max)51,0 KN
HDP-E55E 55 Class5,50 m (max)51,0 KN

Heavy Duty Prop Quality Control and Safety

Heavy duty prop quality is the most important related to construction safety.   Thus, wellmade test and control our heavy duty props at all steps from steel raw material to loading capacity and surface treatment durability.

  1. Raw Material Test

You can find all heavy duty props elements and parts are tested before put into mass production. We do steel chemical composition and physical property test in heavy duty prop’s inner tube, outer tube, base plate and G pins etc. The steel test ensures heavy duty raw material is qualified steel conforms to the BS EN.  Scaffold Tubes of the heavy duty props need a flatten test to make sure the heavy duty props inner tube and outer tube welding is qualified.

heavy duty prop steel raw material test

      2. Welding Quality Test

Wellmade test our heavy duty acrow props welding quality according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090 Standard.

  3. Loading Capacity Test heavy duty prop loading capacity test

Our heavy duty prop designs according to test result and calculation.  After heavy duty prop design, our production and QC department will test the loading bearing to ensure the heavy-duty props are able to take the load-bearing in safety

4. Heavy duty prop Surface Quality Test

Wellmade keep our heavy duty prop function and quality in top quality. We also pay attention on surface treatment quality. Make our heavy duty  props a longer life span is our duty too.

heavy duty prop painting quality test

Door to Door Delivery Services

Wellmade offers door to door delivery service for your heavy duty props order. Buy the heavy duty props, waiting for your acrow props arriving your stock. We save your cost and at the same time make your shoring prop buying and import easier.

OEM Heavy Duty Props Service

Wellmade is an OEM heavy duty props in China. We manufacture and supply the shoring props to many famous formwork and scaffolding companies.

With the OEM Services, you can get your heavy duty props with your brand name embossed on or sticker on.

Tell us your heavy duty props requirement in technical, surface, package, delivery and service, Wellmade is able to find a way to meet all of them up.

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