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Professional Galvanizing Scaffolding Products Manufacturer

Wellmade is a professional galvanizing scaffolding manufacturer in China. You can find all type galvanizing scaffolding material and system here.

As ISO9001 & CE certified scaffolding manufacturer, you can find all test report related to your galvanizing scaffolding orders. Our QC ensure all of the galvanizing scaffolding are qualified in raw material, welding, measurement and galvanizing adhere and zinc thickness.

Wellmade is an approved scaffolding vendor for Oil Gas Companies of Shell and KNPC, Sinopec, China Petroleum.

You can get the scaffolding product warranty from Wellmade and door to door delivery service too. Send us your galvanizing scaffolding requirement to get an immediate competitive price.

hot dip galvanized scaffolding screw jack base

Hot dip galvanizing scaffolding(HDG) is the most durable surface treatment in all type of scaffolding finishing.  Product in this photo is hot dip galvanized adjustable screw jack base.  You can find other scaffolding material in HDG too. For instance, scaffolding pipes, scaffold couplers, system scaffold, scaffolding frames, scaffold baords&planks etc.

Pre-galvanized scaffolding plank

Premier galvanized scaffolding plank is also called GI steel boards. It is much cheaper than hot-dip galvanized but with great anti-corrosion. After the pre-galvanized scaffolding welding, Wellmade repairs the welding lines with zinc-rich paint. This keeps the pre-galvanized scaffolding plank durable. More than the GI planks, there are also GI pipes, GI frames etc.

E-galvanized scaffolding coupler

Compare to hot-dip galvanizing, E-galvanize is at a lower cost. E-galvanizing scaffolding items include scaffold fittings, scaffolding accessories, scaffolding levelling jacks and scaffold props etc.  It is a type of cold galvanizing with less zinc thickness. In anti-corrosion, cold galvanizing is not as good as hot dip galvanizing.

Blow Galvanizing VS Pre-galvanized Scaffolding Pipes

Scaffolding pipe’s galvanizing is different from system scaffolding.  It is a type of continuous blowing galvanizing. According to EN 39 standard, blow galvanizing scaffold tube with no less than 40 micro zinc. While system scaffold zinc thickness is mostly 60-120 micro.

Pre-galvanized scaffolding pipes are required by Japanese, Singapore and Korean scaffolding and formwork companies.  It is rolling from GI steel plate with less zinc thickness.

Hot dip galvanized scaffold tube

Wellmade control the galvanized scaffold tube galvanizing quality according to BS EN10240. While the galvanized scaffold tube material meets up BS1139 EN 39 standard.

GI Pipes

GI pipe is also called pre-galvanized pipes. There are hollow section and round scaffold tubes. Pre-galvanizing scaffolding pipes are the type of pipes with thin wall thickness. For instance, you can find O.D 48.6mm scaffolding GI pipe in wall 1.5-2.4mm.

E-galvanized scaffolding poles

There are white E-galvanizing and Golden colour E-galvanizing for scaffolding poles and braces.   E-galvanizing is used in small scaffold tubes as parts and components of system scaffold.

Galvanizing System Scaffolding

In Wellmade, Galvanizing is used in all of the scaffolding systems and scaffolding frames for surface protection. The system scaffolding galvanizing quality are controlled according to ISO 1461 standard. You canf find galvanized ringlock scaffolding, galvanized kwikstage scaffolding, galvanized cuplock scaffolding, galvanized scaffolding frames here.

Wellmade’s Galvanized Steel Scaffolding

If you are looking for galvanized scaffolding for your steel scaffold construction. Wellmade would be your best choice in China.

Firstly,  you can find our company name “Tianjin Wellmade Scaffold” from the oil gas companies’ vendor list. We are the oil gas companies’ approved vendor. Our internal management, scaffolding quality control system, company details have been audit approved by these oil gas companies before using us as their galvanized scaffolding material supplier.   More than that, our galvanizing scaffolding product quality has been tested and accepted by the oil gas companies and 3rd party inspection companies before shipping. In addition, our high quality keeps long term supplying with these oil gas companies and have repeat orders from them.

Secondarily, Wellmade is CE certified scaffolding manufacturer in China. CE is not a paper shows only “CE” words. It is real CE tested and certified by ISO 3834 and EN 1090. You can find from us the welding line test of your galvanizing scaffolding according to CE request. You can get great safety on your galvanised scaffolding welding lines.

Thirdly, Wellmade is an ISO 9001 management scaffolding manufacturer, you can find your galvanized scaffolding quality test report from raw material chemical composition, physical property in tensile, yield, elongation till welding quality, shearing test, loading capacity till galvanizing and galvanized scaffolding mock up inspection. We ensure the galvanizing scaffolding reaching you in safety and high quality.

galvanized scaffolding ringlock system mock up inspection

Fourthly, you can get great benefits at our competitive price for the galvanizing scaffolding products. We are able to save your construction cost. That is another reason, more and more oil gas companies stop buying from local and start import the galvanized scaffolding material from Wellmade under the special oil price dropping term.

Fifthly, if it is your first-time import, Wellmade is able to help you in the galvanized scaffolding import and even send you door to door delivery.

Sixthly, you can give the galvanized scaffolding warranty from Wellmade.

galvanized scaffolding plank in shipping
galvanized scaffolding plank in shipping

Type of Wellmade’s Galvanized scaffolding

The galvanized scaffolding you can find from Wellmade includes scaffolding system, scaffolding tube, scaffold fittings, scaffold boards, scaffolding props, scaffold jacks, scaffolding accessories etc.

Wellmade’s Galvanized System Scaffolding

galvanized ringlock scaffolding ledger

Galvanized scaffolding system include ringlock system, cuplock system, kwikstage system, frame system, shoring system and quick lock scaffold system etc.  All of the components and parts of the system scaffold could be in galvanizing.

Galvanizing Scaffold Tubes

galvanized steel scaffolding pipes

Galvanized scaffold tubes and steel pipe are the most popular scaffolding parts of the tube and clamp system scaffold. You can find from Wellmade standard sizes galvanized scaffold tube O.D 48.3mm. There are also O.D 60mm, O.D 42mm, OD56mm, OD 70mm, O.D 76mm and O.D 89mm Scaffold Tube. Square hollow tubes in 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 50x35mm, 60x25mm, 80x40mm 100x50mm etc are all available using for formwork shoring beams and scaffolding support beams.

Galvanized scaffold fittings

scaffold fittings limpet clamp

The most popular scaffold fittings manufactured in Wellmade are the Electronic galvanizing (cold galvanize) scaffold fittings. Include double coupler, swivel coupler, beam clamps, putlog coupler, board clamps, ladder clamps, limpet clamps, sleeve couplers etc.  If you want longer time durability in repeating work, choose hot dip galvanized scaffold fittings would be much better reaching your long term purpose.

Galvanized scaffold boards

galvanized scaffold boards
galvanized scaffold boards

Pre-galvanized scaffold steel boards are mostly required by Wellmade’s global clients.  The reason for the pre-galvanized scaffold boards wide using is its lower cost and great anti-rusty.  It is not easy rusty as painting scaffolding, but similar cost.

Hot dip galvanized scaffold boards with thicker zinc and not weak points. Would be your perfect choice if have a project near the sea.  Steel plate thinner than 1.4mm is hard to do hot dip galvanizing finishing.

Galvanizing scaffold props

galvanized scaffolding steel props

Scaffolding props is one of the formwork scaffold system components. It is used to support concrete slab and beams in construction. Galvanizing scaffolding props are requested more and more.  Among test, hot dip galvanized scaffold props would be the most durable. While you can choose E-galvanized and galvanized tube scaffold props.

Galvanized scaffold screw jacks

galvanized scaffold screw jacks

In Wellmade, there are a lot of types of scaffold screw jacks.  Include jack base scaffold, u jacks, fork head jacks, J head jacks etc. As the adjustable scaffolding levelling foot, the scaffold jacks threaded parts are inserted in the scaffolding poles. Thus Most scaffold jacks are E-galvanized. While some of them are hot dip galvanized and painting. Self-finished scaffold screw jacks are available in customized.

Galvanized Scaffolding Accessories

galvanizing steel eye bolt

Scaffolding accessories are fixing and connectors of the system scaffold and frames. There are different types of scaffolding accessories include fixed and swivel base plate, span pins, toggle pins, spring rivets, joint pin spigot and coupling, eye bolt and nut etc. Most scaffolding accessories are galvanized.

Galvanized Scaffolding Quality

Mostly, scaffold galvanizing quality testing zinc thickness. Yes. Zinc thickness is related to the durable.  But zinc thickness is not the only factor to decide scaffolding galvanizing quality.   Adhere test is also import to make sure the zinc is not easy pill off in construction using and stocking. Wellamde test galvanizing adhere according to ISO 1461 standard.  In addition, Wellmade’s QC  department test the galvanizing material by our special salty spray finishing test machine to make sure each shipment of galvanized scaffolding is long time resistance.

Galvanized Scaffolding FAQ Guide

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