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Formwork rapid clamp tensioner is a tool for concrete rapid clamps. It is also called a spring clip formwork tensioner clamp.
As one of the formwork accessories, the formwork rapid clamp is used to set up the concrete tie rod in position.  Functionally, it used to straighten, tighten, and remove the concrete tie rod in shuttering works. It is also called wedge clamp tensioners sometimes.
Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certified formwork accessories manufacturer, you can find the top quality rapid clamp and tensioner here.  Send us your rapid clamp and tensioner requirement to get a great price now.

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Wellmade’s Rapid Clamp Tensioners

Wellmades formwork rapid clamp tensioners are compatible with all types of formwork systems.  Include steel formwork, timber formwork, and aluminium formwork etc.
Wellmade’s rapid clamp tensioner makes your tie rod setup and removal easier. It straightens the tie rods and prevents failure in the concrete shuttering and structure.
According to the surface treatment, there are painted and galvanized rapid clamp tensioners for your choosing.

Formwork Rapid Clamp Tensioner Spec

WFTCFormwork Tensioner ClampPainted | Galvanized2.9 KG
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