Formwork Soldier & Beams

Formwork Soldier System is used as strongback for timber, aluminium, and steel walers or fabricated steel moulds. It is used as a raking shore by adding ahead and end jacks with base plate. The High strength of formwork soldier beams allows spacing to the maximum which saving significant cost during formwork shuttering and concreting.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Formwork Soldier Sizes

WSDB04500.45m Soldier Beam225x170x450mm12.81KG
WSDB06750.675m Soldier Beam225x170x675mm21.43KG
WSDB09000.9m Soldier Beam225x170x900mm23.57KG
WSDB11251.125m Soldier Beam225x170x1125mm27.97KG
WSDB18001.8m Soldier Beam225x170x1800mm41.16KG
WSDB27002.7m Soldier Beam225x170x2700mm59.62KG
WSDB31503.15m Soldier Beam225x170x3150mm68.84KG
WSDB36003.6m Soldier Beam225x170x3600mm78.07KG

Right Angle Connectors Specification

WSDRACFormwork Soldier Right Angle Connector237x170mm20.46KG

Formwork Solider Beam System Right Angle Connector

Threaded Shoring  Adaptor Plate

Formwork Soldier Beam Shoring System Adapter Base Plate Adjustable

Formwork Soldier Beam Shoring System Adapter Base Plate Adjustable

WSDSPSoldier Treaded Shoring Adaptor Plate225×1705KG


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