Formwork RB Bridge Beams are Components of the Peri Formwork System.
It is a set work with Main Beam and Wing Beam and Tapper Pins.
Main Beam of the Bridge is made from IPE Steel Structure in High Steel Grade.
Wing Beams are formed from Top Hat Lip Channels with holes at both Wings. 
Tapper Pins are the lock pin between Main Bridge Beam and Wing Beams in Using and Fixing. 
Tapper Lock pin size is in O.D 21mm, compatible with holes on bridge beams. 
Lengths of the main beams and wing beams are customized.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Peri Bridge Beam Formwork

Peri Bridge Formwork Beams Main Steel Beam Channels

Peri Formwork Bridge Main Beam
WPMB0454.5m Main BeamIPE160x4500mm
WPMB0303.0m Main BeamIPE160x3000mm

Peri formwork bridge beams wing beam secondary steel beam top hat steel channel with hat

Peri Bridge Beam Wing Beam Channel

WPWB0111.1m Wing Beam4x1100mm
WPWVB0252.5m Wing Beam4x2500mm

peri formwork accessories - tapper pin scaffolding lock pins

Tapper Pin Lock

WPTP2172Tapper Pin 72mm21 x 720.21KG
WPTP2112Tapper Pin 115mm21 x  1150.35KG


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