Concrete Bridge Formwork Beams

Wellmade’s concrete bridge formwork is a type of modular formwork material. It is fabricated from a high-strength steel structure. The bridge formwork system includes system modular beams and accessories. It is convenient to use in all falsework for the bridge concrete.

Compare to the timber formwork system, Wellmade’s steel bridge formwork system is more strong and efficient, thus it is time and cost-effective.

You can use the concrete bridge formwork system in bridge deck formwork, slab formwork, and shutters.

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Wellmade’s Concrete Bridge Formwork Beams

Wellmade produces the concrete bridge formwork for Peri formwork. It is a bridge formwork system that includes formwork system components of RB Bridge Beams. The RB concrete bridge formwork system is set to work with bridge main beams, bridge wing beams, and bridge beam taper pins.
In fabrication, Wellmade’s bridge formwork main beam is made from an IPE steel structure. It is a type of high-grade steel structure for high-load construction.
Formwork Bridge Beams
Formwork Bridge Beams
While the concrete bridge formwork wing beams are formed from top hat lip channels. The hap lip steel channels of the wing beams are matched with bridge formwork main beams. On the bridge formwork wing beams, there are a lot of holes on both wings’ lips.  It is used to connect with bridge formwork tapper pins in concrete shuttering.
Bridge formwork tapper pins are used as lock pins. It is used to fix the bridge formwork steel main beam and secondary wing beams. Wellmade manufactures the bridge formwork tapper pin from solid steel structure in size of O.D 21mm. 21mm diameter tapper pins are compatible with holes of the bridge formwork main beams and wing beams.  
Wellmade offers custom bridge formwork beams according to your construction concrete requirement. Include the length of the bridge main beams and wing beams.
Peri Bridge Formwork Beams Main Steel Beam Channels

Peri Bridge Formwork Main Beam Sizes

Bridge beams are the primary beams for the bridge formwork system.  Wellmade’s bridge beam is fabricated with holes on. It is aimed to connect with the secondary beams.  Wellmade’s bridge formwork main beams are made from high strength steel structures.

WPMB0454.5m Main BeamIPE160x4500mm
WPMB0303.0m Main BeamIPE160x3000mm

Peri formwork bridge beams wing beam secondary steel beam top hat steel channel with hat

Peri Bridge Formwork Wing Beam Channel Size

Wellmade’s Bridge wing beam is also called secondary beams. It is made from a special-shaped steel channel structure.  You can find the wing beams are manufactured with holes on both lips. The holes are going to work with the bridge formwork main beams.

WPWB0111.1m Wing Beam4x1100mm
WPWVB0252.5m Wing Beam4x2500mm

Wellmade Bridge Formwork Tapper Pin Lock

In the bridge formwork system, the tapper pins are important formwork accessories. It is going to lock between bridge formwork main beams and secondary beams. You can find the tapper pins finishing in Galvanized for durable purposes.  Wellmade customs your bridge formwork lock pins in length, diameter, steel grade, etc. We design the lock pin to compatible with your bridge formwork construction requirement.

peri formwork accessories - tapper pin scaffolding lock pins

More than bridge formwork system components, you are able to find wall formwork, slab formwork, beam formwork, and column formwork system materials and components in Welmade.

For formwork scaffolding shoring, there are a lot of scaffolding systems and traditional scaffolding tubes and clamps for your choosing.


WPWB0111.1m Wing Beam4x1100mm
WPWVB0252.5m Wing Beam4x2500mm

Tapper Pin Lock

WPTP2172Tapper Pin 72mm21 x 720.21KG
WPTP2112Tapper Pin 115mm21 x  1150.35KG
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