Formwork Accessories Tie Rod Wing Nut and Formwork Clamps

Formwork Accessories

  • Formwork Clamps (Peri & Doka Type)
  • Tie Rod and Rebars
  • Formwork Wing Nuts and Anchor Nuts
  • Shuttering Clamps
  • Adjustable Column Clamps

Formwork Accessories

Formwork accessories are concrete formwork parts of formwork clamps, tie rod and rebars, wing nut, anchor nut,water stopper, formwork sleeves, rapid clamps, H20 flange clamps, and adjustable column clamps, shuttering clamps(C Clamp), rebar(reinforced) nuts and couplings etc.

Wellmade is famous formwork accessories manufacturer in China. We supply comprehensive formwork accessories for all of your concrete forming systems: steel, steel plywood, aluminium and timber formwork.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified formwork accessories manufacturer. We bring you top quality formwork accessories and components in China. All of our formwork accessories are rigorous tested.

Wellmade formwork accessories include forged type, pressed type, and cast types shuttering accessories.

More than that, you can find famous brand concrete formwork accessories manufactured here. Include Peri accessories and Doka components etc.

Send us your concrete formwork accessories inquiry to get a competitive price now.

Formwork Accessories Types

Film Faced Plywood Formwork Shuttering

Film-faced plywoods are the most popular formwork accessories used in a lot of formwork systems. It is also the component for steel ply formwork systems like euro form, 120mm large formwork, etc.

phenolic plywood film faced

Phenolic formwork plywood is able to circle more times in the concrete formwork of buildings, bridges, and highway construction. Wellmade is able to offer 20-65 times phenolic plywood. Get a consult now.

formwork flange clamp h20

Flange nuts are formwork accessories used to fix the formwork H20 timer beams in concrete shoring. Galvanized make your flange nuts more durable in repeat construction.

Formwork spring clip tensioners

Formwork spring clip tensioners are formwork tools to help the rapid clamp fixed and dismantle in the concrete construction.

Formwork Rapid Clamp Tensioner - Wedge Lock Clamp Tools

Wedge clamp tensioners help the flat type of rapid wedge clamp fixing and dismantling in the concrete formwork construction.

Double c profile wailer beams for peri formwork system

Steel and aluminium wailer beams are used to support formwork panels in wall formwork, column formwork, slab formwork. It is formwork accessories used in steel, alumimium and wood formwork system.

Wellmade Waler Plate in Manufacturing

Waler plates are one of the formwork accessories used together with the wing nuts and tie rods. You can find 3mm to 12mm steel thickness formwork waler plate(base plate) for your concrete construction.

Double c profile wailer beams for peri formwork system

Formwork beams double C profiles for Peri formwork system in painted. It is able to work with the shoring system of cuplock, ringlock scaffold, etc. Wellmade customize your formwork beam sizes.

Aluminium Wall Formwork with Aluma Beams

Aluma beams is a type of aluminum formwork beams. Wellmade manufactures all sizes of aluma beams include 122mm, 150mm, 165mm, 180mm, etc. Aluma beams are light weight convenient for your concrete shuttering.

aluma beam clip aluminum beam clamps

Aluma beam clips are used to fix aluma beams in place. It is able to connect two aluma beams in right angle. Aluma beam clamps are also in zinc-plated finishing.

scaffolding shoring prop sleeve and nut

Formwork prop sleeves include cup-type shoring prop sleeves and normal prop sleeves with nuts. You can find all sizes and specifications of prop sleeves in Wellmade

Formwork Accessories Ultimate Load Test- 15/17mm Tie Rod Safety

Wellmade manufactures top-quality formwork accessories for you. We test the formwork accessories raw materials to ensure only qualified raw materials are used in formwork accessories manufacturing.

You can also get the formwork accessories load capacity test result for your formwork accessories orders. Wellmade also mocks up all of the formwork accessories to ensure they match up well with each other before shipping to you.

With strict quality control systems, Wellmade is a famous OEM manufacturer of the biggest German formwork and scaffolding companies. It is also an exclusive formwork and scaffolding equipment supplier for oil gas companies like Sinopec, Shell, Saipem, KNPC etc.

Formwork Accessories Ultimate Guide

Formwork Accessories are concrete form parts and elements used to build into formwork in the concrete shuttering work. They are essential components including formwork clips, formwork clamps, formwork keys, and push-pull props used to make formwork equipment in place during concrete construction.

Formwork accessories are also called concrete forming accessories, concrete formwork accessories, construction formwork accessories or shuttering accessories, etc.

Formwork Accessories Manufacturing Video

You can find how the formwork accessories are manufactured in Wellmade. In the video, Wellmade is doing the welding for the formwork clamps.

Formwork Clamp Bearing Weight Test Video

You can also find the formwork clamp accessories load capacity test in Wellmade in the following testing video.

4 Types of Formworks and Accessories

In construction, there are 4 main types of formworks:

  1. Column Formwork
  2. Wall Formwork
  3. Slab Formwork
  4. Beam Formwork

Column Formwork and Accessories

Column formwork is a formwork used to form building columns. According to the column formwork shapes, there are round type and square type column formworks.

Column formwork components include:

  • Formwork Walers(Steel or Timber)
  • Formwork Plywood
  • Formwork Panels
  • Formwork Inside and Outside Corners

The column formwork components are fixed and connected by the column formwork accessories. You can use the following formwork accessories for your column formwork construction:

  1. Shuttering Clamps ( C Clamps)
  2. Cast Adjustable Column Clamps
  3. Concrete Tie Rod
  4. Concrete Wing Nut and Waler Plates
  5. Formwork Anchor Nuts
  6. Formwork Water Stopper
  7. Formwork Double Walers
  8. Formwork Sleeves
  9. Formwork Cones
  10. Formwork Hex Nut

Wall Formwork And Accessories

Wall formworks are systems of shuttering materials used to form construction walls.  Wall formwork components include:

During the wall formwork construction, you need to use the following formwork accessories:

  1. Formwork Alignment Clamps
  2. Forged or Cast Wedge Clamps
  3. Concrete Tie Bars
  4. Water Stopper
  5. Formwork Wing Nut and Waler Plates
  6. Formwork Anchor Nuts with Round Plates
  7. Dome Nut (Combination Nut)

The wall formwork accessories need to be universally used in all types of wall formwork systems. Include GW 120 heavy-duty steel plywood formwork systems, Euro Form systems, Aluma and aluminium formwork systems, etc.

In the wall formwork system, forged formwork clamps are most used. It is more durable compared to the cast formwork accessories. In addition, forged formwork accessories are able to take more load from the concrete.

Slab Formwork and Accessories

Slab formworks are used to form building floors or slabs in construction concrete and shuttering. Shuttering accessories used in slab formwork include

Slab formwork accessories are able to compatible with all formwork shoring systems. Include ringlock scaffold shoring system, kwikstage scaffold shoring system, cuplock slab formwork system, quick lock slab scaffold system, adjustable steel props, etc.

If you want to support thick slabs in the concrete, you need to use heavy duty scaffold systems to take more bearing from the slab concrete. Thus you can use heavy-duty scaffold systems, like OD60mm ring lock shore systems, crab 60 scaffolding shore, shoring frames, heavy-duty post shore, etc.

No matter which type of the slab shoring system. Wellmade slab formwork accessories are able to connect them well to form the slabs.

Beam Formwork and Accessories

Beam formwork is a type of formwork used to form the building beams.  Beam formwork is always used together with slab formwork.

Beam formwork accessories include:

  1. Adjustable Scaffolding Props
  2. Timber, Aluminium, and Steel Formwork Beams
  3. Formwork Beam Fixing Clamps
  4. Fixed Forkhead and U Head
  5. Film Faced Plywood

Formwork Accessories In Modular Formwork

Modular formwork is pre-fabricated formwork systems with standardized sizes of formwork components and parts. Using modular formwork reduces formwork material cutting, shaping, and forming at the project site.

There are 3 types of modular formwork systems:

  1. Steel Formwork Modular System
  2. Steel Ply Formwork Modular System
  3. Aluminium Formwork Modular System

Formwork Accessories are able used in all of the above modular formwork systems.

Steel Formwork Accessories

Steel formwork is made from steel plates or steel structures.  The steel formwork panels’ width is in a range of 100mm to 600mm.  While the length of steel formwork lengths is  600mm to 1800mm.

Wellmade Steel Formwork Modular System Catalogue Download

Steel formwork panels are designed with holes on 4 sides of formwork panel edges. It is always in 14mm diameter.  The steel formwork holes are used for formwork accessories connection.

Formwork U clips and form ties are the main formwork accessories for the steel modular formwork system.

Formwork u clips are always in 12mm diameter. They are used to fix between two steel formwork panels, corners and angles in the concrete forming.

steel formwork accessories of u clips form ties
Steel Formwork Accessories of U Clips and Form Ties 12mm

Formwork form ties a set of formwork accessories of butterfly nuts, wing nuts and concrete tie rods. In order to match with the steel formwork panel holes(14mm), the form tie system is in 12mm diameters.

Steel Plywood Formwork Accessories

The steel ply formwork is the best formwork. It is integrated with steel formwork frames and plywood panels:

  1. Steel ply formwork is less weight than steel formwork
  2. Steel ply formwork system takes more weight from the concrete compared to aluminium formwork
  3. Steel ply formwork can use more times than any other modular formwork system.

Wellmade steel ply formwork systems include GW120 large formwork systems and 63.5mm Euro Form formwork systems.

GW120 Large Formwork System and Accessories

GW 120 large formwork system is a type of German formwork steel ply formwork system. The GW120 formwork system steel frames are made of high-strength steel profiles in 120x60mm. While the GW 120 heavy dut formwork system panels are made of 18mm film-faced plywood.

GW120 Large Formwork Catalogue Download

GW 120 large steel ply formwork system includes formwork accessories:

  1. Alignment clamps(universal clamp)
  2. D20 dywidag tie bars(tie bolt)
  3. D20 wing nut with plates(coupling nut)
  4. Formwork double waler with hooks and anchor nuts(strongback)
  5. Formwork Quick Acting Clamps (Wedge Lock)
  6. Formwork Multi-function Clamps
  7. Formwork Bracket
  8. Formwork Lifting Hooks
  9. Single  Push-Pull Props(Panel Struts)
  10. Double(Two Level) Push Pulls (with Long and Short Props)
63.5mm Euro Form Steel Plywood Formwork System Accessories

Wellmade manufactures 63.5mm light weight euro form formwork too. It is a type of Korean steel ply formwork system. The euro form system panels and corners, angles are with rectangle holes. The euro form components are connected by euro form accessories through the rectangle edge holes.

63.5mm Euro Form Formwork System(Steel Ply Formwork) Catalogue Download

Euro form formwork accessories include:

  1. Big Wedge Pins(85mm)
  2. Small Wedge Pins(79mm)
  3. Wedge Pins 100x5mm (For USA & Colombia)
  4. Big Round Hooks
  5. Small Round Hooks
  6. Big Square Hooks
  7. Small Square Hooks
  8. Flat Ties
  9. Euro Form Steel F Bar Profiles

Euro form formwork system accessories are able to be finished in black(self-finished), silver-painted, or zinc-plated. All of the euro form accessories are made from high-strength 450 steel grade steel plates.

Aluminium Formwork Accessories

Wellmade aluminium formwork is made by high-strength aluminium profiles. It is light weight that easy to handle in the concrete shutter. While the aluminium formwork panels are durable without rusty. Thus Wellmade aluminium formwork systems are required widely in all types of construction concrete forming.

Aluminium Formwork System Catalogue Download

Aluminium formwork needs its special form work accessories in assembly. Include:

  • Flat Ties
  • Wedge and Pin
  • Wailer Clamps
  • Double Walers
  • Single Wailing
  • Tie Rod
  • Waler Plates
  • Short Strut
  • Double Level Brace

Materials Used for Formwork and Formwork Accessories

Materials used for formwork support and formwork system include timber(wooden), aluminum, steel, plywood, and plastic.

The material used for formwork accessories includes cast irons, drop forged steel, plastic(PVC), steel plates, steel structures, etc.

Good formwork and formwork materials required:

  1. Strong enough to take the safe weight from concrete
  2. Easy to form required shape in concrete forming
  3. Efficient in assembly and disassembly
  4. Prevent leak of the concrete cement

Steel Formwork Accessories Material

Steel formwork accessories material grades include S235, S275, S355, and S450(C45) steel.  S450 is the most durable material grade for formwork materials.  The S235 steel grade is the most common material used in steel formwork and steel formwork accessories.

Formwork and Shuttering Accessories HS Code

Formwork and formwork accessories HS codes are different according to the material (steel, aluminum or plywood, etc.) You can find the following most common formwork and accessories material HS code to be convenient for your export and import.

  1. Formwork H20 & H12 Timber Beams: HS Code 441860
  2. Formwork Film Faced Plywood: HS Code 441233
  3. Steel Formwork(Scaffold): HS Code 730840
  4. Aluminum Formwork(Scaffold): HS Code 761090
  5. Scaffolding Pipe(Round Beam): 730630

Wellmade Formwork Accessories

Wellmade is a popular formwork accessories manufacturer and supplier in China with more than 20 years of expertise. We provide a wide range of formwork accessories for your construction concrete system.

You can find a comprehensive range of formwork accessories in Wellmade including water-impermeable ­components or formwork spacer for exposed concrete, spacer plates, fixing systems, and various plastic profiles.

Formwork Anchor Nut & Wing Nut

Formwork Clamps

Formwork Form Tie & Accessories

Formwork System Panels

Formwork Concrete Tie Rods & Accessories

You can find all sizes of tie rods and dywidag bars for your formwork system in Wellmade.

Galvanized and Black Steel Type. Dywidag Heavy Duty Hot Rolled and Normal Duty Cold Rolled Tie Rods

Formwork H20 Wood Beams Accessories

Formwork Film Faced Plywood

You are able to find from Wellmade Film Faced Plywood With Black and Brown Film for Your Concrete Formwork System.

The thickness of the FilmFaced Plywood 12mm-25mm Thickness. Normal Size 1220 x 2440, 914x2440mm etc

What’s more, Wellmade’s formwork accessories include but not limited to the following:

At Wellmade, you can find all types of formwork tie rods (D15-D22mm). You have a choice of whether concrete threaded rod or dywidag rebar.

White Galvanized Hot Rolled Dywidag Bars
White Galvanized Hot Rolled Dywidag Bars

Our concrete threaded rod is made from a 450 steel grade round bar in 145 KN strength (15/17mm size). While the Dywidag Rebar is made from hot-rolled strength type of concrete bars in 190 KN (15/17mm size).

In addition to Wellmade formwork accessories, we also offer wing nuts and anchor nuts. You can find wing nuts and anchor nuts available in drop forged and grey cast iron.

Wellmade’s wing nut and anchor nut size are based on our tie rod dimensions, basically OD12mm to OD22mm.

You can find formwork wing nuts and anchor nuts accessories in Wellmade. We have wing nut with washer plate, anchor nut 2 wings, and anchor nut 3 wings.

Wellmade’s formwork accessories are compatible with all formwork systems including peri formwork, dywidag system, Doka formwork, etc.

Formwork Accessories Adjustable Column Clamp Peri Doka Type 2
Formwork Accessories Adjustable Column Clamp Peri Doka Type 2

Wellmade formwork accessories are exported to England, United States, Portugal, Australia, etc. We hope to include you as part of our growing list of satisfied clients.

Wellmade provides you with marketing and business solutions. We have our skillful engineers and workers guaranteed that you have a great and high-quality formwork accessory.

We are looking forward to local business partners throughout the world. Come to us now and check out the details if you are interested.

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Concrete Formwork Wedge Clamp Accessory
 WWC-SStandard Rapid Clamp105 x 40mm 0.43KGPainted/Zinc-plated
 WWC-MMayo Rapid Clamp120 x 50mm 0.55KGPainted/Zinc-plate
Concrete Forms Rapid Clamps Accessories
WRC-SStandard Rapid Clip110 x 75mm 0.41KG Painted/Zinc-plated
WRC-LSuper Rapid Clip120 x 75mm0.52 KGPainted/Zinc-plated
Concrete Dywidag Hex Nut D15
 Code Items&DescriptionSize Weight Surface
WHN15330mm(L) Hexagonal Nut30 x 30mm0.15KGSelf&Gal
WHN15445mm(L) Hexagonal Nut 30 x 45mm0.21KGSelf&Gal
WHX15550mm(L) Hexagonal Nut 30 x 50mm0.23KGSelf&Gal
WHX15770mm(L) Hexagonal Nut 30 x 70mm0.30KGSelf&Gal
WHX15990mm Connection Sleeve 30 x 90mm0.39KGSelf&Gal
Concrete Formwork D20 Dywidag Threaded Rod Hex Nut
WHN200330mm Hex Lock Nut D20,0.20KGSelf|Gal
WHN200445mm Hexagonal Nut D200.23KGSelf|Gal
WHN200550mm Hexagonal Nut D200.33KGSelf|Gal
WHN200770mm Hexagonal Nut D200.46KGSelf|Gal
WHN2014140mm Connection Sleeved D200.94KGSelf|Gal
Concrete Formwork Dywidag Threaded Rod Wingnut
WWND15 Tie Rod Wing Nut 01, Malleable Cast Iron, FCD 450.27-0.60KGBlack|Gal
Concrete Forms Threaded Rod Washer Plate
WP10100x100mm Washer Plate100×1000.39KGdGalvanized
WP11110x110mm Washer Plate100×1000.47KGGalvanized
WP12120x120mm, Washer Plate100×1000.57KGGalvanized
WP14140x140mm, Washer Plate100×1000.93KGGalvanized
WP15150x150mm, Washer Plate100×1001.06KGGalvanized
WP18180x180mm,Washer Plate100×1001.53KGGalvanized
WP20200x200mmWasher Plate100×1003.15KGGalvanized
Concrete Forms Anchor Nut Dywidag
WACH12D 12mm Rebar Anchor Nut2 Wings&3 Wings0.3-0.9KGGalvanized
WACH15D 15mm Rebar Anchor Nut2 Wings&3 Wings0.4-0.65KGGalvanized
WACH20D 19mm Rebar Anchor Nut2 Wings&3 Wings0.6-0.9KGGalvanized
Concrete Formwork Combi Nut Combination Wingnut & Washer
WDN115-CCast Washer Dome Nut115x115mm1.0-1.2KG
WDN115-PPressed Washer Dome Nut120x120mm1.0-1.2KG
Formwork Combi Dome Nut
Code Items&DescriptionWeightFinishing
 WDN01 D15/17mm Dome Nut 1, Malleable Cast Iron, Zinc-plated1.25KGBlack|Zinc-plated
 WDN02 D15/17mm Dome Nut 2, Malleable Cast Iron, Zinc-plated 1.27KGBlack|Zinc-plated
 WDN03 D15/17mm Dome Nut, Malleable Cast Iron, Zinc-plated 1.32KGBlack|Zinc-plated
 WDN04D15/17mm Dome Nut 1, Cast Iron Wingnut
Pressed Washer Plate
Formwork PVC Sleeves

Formwork sleeves are PVC sleeves used to fit a 15mm threaded tie bar system. Following are the formwork sleeve accessories specifications:

  1. Inner Diameter: 22mm
  2. Outer Diameter: 25.4mm
  3. PVC Sleeve Wall Thickness: 1.7-2mm
  4. Material: Smooth PVC, Rigid
  5. Color: Black or Grey

Formwork sleeve lengths are customized.

Formwork PVC Cones

Formwork Cone is a PVC cone used for a 15mm threaded tie bar system too. It is going to be assembly with the formwork PVC sleeve in the concrete. Following is the formwork PVC cone accessory size and specifications:

  1. Overall Length: 27mm
  2. Length of Angled Section:12.0mm
  3. Length of Straight Section: 15.0mm
  4. Inner Diameter : 19.0mm
  5. Top Outer Diameter: 21.5mm
  6. Bottom Outer Diameter: 44.0mm
  7. Color: Black or Grey

If you want any formwork and formwork accessories, or shuttering equipment, do not hesitate to send us for a competitive price.

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