Formwork Flange Clamps

Wellmade is a formwork H20 flange clamp manufacturer in China. The flange clamp h20 is used to secure your H20 timber beams in construction concrete.

Wellmade flange clamp h20 is a set of formwork clamps. In the formwork clamp set, there are elements of hexagon nut, fastening rod, washers, etc.

The flange clamp h20 is compatible with all brands of timber h20 beams. Include Doka formwork and Peri formwork  h20 beams. For the durable purpose, the flange clamp h20 are galvanizing finished.

You can use the flange clamp h20 in all formwork systems, include column formwork and wall formwork systems, etc. More information, specifications, and prices of flange clamp h20 are available by mail.

Wellmade Flange Clamp H20

Wellmade formwork flange clamp h20 is also called a U bolt beam clamp. It is with L&R hook sets. In construction, the flange clamp H20 is used to connect the H20 timber beam to anywhere of steel wailing.

The flange clamp H20 is in 120mm effective width and 190mm in overall. It is always finished in galvanizing. While you can ask white colour galvanizing or golden colour.

The weight of the flange clamp is about 1.03KG. While it is convenient using in all types of construction formworks. The hexagon nut of the flange clamp H20 fastening rod in the formwork construction.

Flange Clamp H20 Product Technical Data

Material:Steel BarWidth Across190mm

How to use the flange clamp h20

Mount the flange clamps with the hexagonal nuts facing downwards. This protects the nuts against soiling during pouring concrete.

1) Push the Flange clamp h20 onto the H20 wooden beams

2) Before tightening the clamps to the steel waling, make sure that they are in the centre position.

3). Gently tighten on one side. Tap the stirrup with a hammer to ensure that the clamp is sitting correctly.

4). Tighten the clamp on the other side and tap the stirrup with the hammer

The H20 beams are able to use in the following formwork systems

flange clamp h20
flange clamp h20 in golden colour


Formwork Flange Clamp H20 RAQ Guide

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