Film Faced Plywood Formwork

Wellmade’s film-faced plywood is BWP grade laminated plyform. We manufacture the film-faced plywood from Finland wood. Thus the film faced plywood is durable with high tensile strength.
You can find the film-faced plywood in different colors from Wellmade. Include black, brown, and red form ply sheets.
Sizes of Wellmade’s film-faced plywood is in custom. While standard sizes include 4′ x 8′ (1220x2440mm) and 1250x2500mm.
The most common film-faced plywood thicknesses include 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 22mm, etc. We are able to custom your film faced plywood thickness too.
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Wellmade’s Film Faced Plywood

Wellmade is the film faced plywood manufacturer and supplier In China. Our film-faced plywood has exported to global 55 countries. Include Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore in Asia, USA & Canada as well as European countries.

The raw material of Wellmde’s film-faced plywood is Birch. It is imported from Finland. Compare to the solid wood, the laminated birch core film-faced plywood sheets are more durable and high tensile strength.

On both sides of the film faced plywood, you can find adhesive impregnated phenomic films. It is moisture and weather-resistant.  In order to make the film-faced plywood more durable, we painting all edges of the film-faced plywood.   Thus Wellmade’s film faced plywood performs better in waterproof.

Wellmade’s film faced plywood is boiling water resistant grade(BWP). It is a type of exterior formply. You can use the film faced plywood in all types of formwork concrete. Include slab formwork, beam formwork, wall formwork, column formwork, stair formwork, bridge formwork, etc.

We supplier all types and specifications of film faced plywood for your formwork concrete. In addition, the film faced plywood is able to be in 15-20 times repeat works during the concrete forming and shuttering.

How thick is Wellmade’s film faced plywood

Wellmade’s always custom your film faced plywood thickness. While you can find the most following most common thickness:

  • 6mm
  • 9mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • 17mm
  • 18mm
  • 21mm
  • 24mm
  • 25mm

Film Faced Plywood

Wellmade’s film faced plywood sizes

Wellmde’s film-faced plywood is easy to cut into all sizes. With the flexible size features, using the film faced plywood is no waste during the concrete formwork application. Thus it is using in all types of slab formwork, beam formworks and other shuttering works.

The standard sizes of the film faced plywood is 4′ x 8′ (1220 x 2440mm) and 1250 x 2500mm, 914x 2440mm etc. You can tell us your film faced plywood sizes if need any customized fabrication.

More than waterproof and tensile strength, film-faced plywood warp resistance feature is also important. In manufacturing, Wellmade uses high-temperature heat and heavier and longer pressing. The special professional manufacturing makes Wellmade’s film-faced plywood more layer laminated in the same thickness. Thus you can find the weight of Wellmade’s film faced plywood is much heavier. This makes the film-faced plywood more warp resistant than other brand film faced plywood.

During your film faced plywood purchase, you can consider the following factors in choosing a high-quality film faced plywood:

  1. Does the film face plywood surface smooth? Good quality film faced plywood can not have ups and down
  2. What is the weight of the film-faced plywood? Heavier film faced plywood always wight more density
  3. Inspect the core layer of the film-faced plywood. High-quality film-faced plywood always with visible straight lines without core gaps and much overlapping.

Wellmade’s concrete formwork film faced plywood is widely used. It is able to work with other formwork systems in construction concrete. Include steel formwork, aluma formwork and wooden formwork and composite formwork. It is also a manufacturing raw material for prefabricated formwork products.

When the laminated phenolic film faced plywood sheet using concrete shuttering, it is able to hold the nails and screws. Thus the film faced plywood is not able suppliers to the global formwork and engineer companies. It is also purchased by scaffolding companies. They use our film faced plywood to produce steel-plywood formwork and aluminum plywood formwork system.  So you can find Wellmade’s film-faced plywood are using everywhere in global concrete shuttering and forming.

Film Faced Plywood Package
Film Faced Plywood Package

During the concrete shuttering, Wellmade’s film-faced plywood is easy to clean.  That is why Wellmade’s film-faced plywood is able to save you during your repeating using in the construction.

As a type of exterior formwork concrete material, the film-faced plywood is manufacturing with WBP  and melamine glue. Both of them are water-proof, durable under all temperatures and weather.

More than the normal film-faced phenolic plywood, you can find from Wellmade the marine plywood too. It is able to be exposed directly to the water. The marine plywood is impervious and always a type of exterior application.  With the anti-slip surface, Wellmade’s marine plywood is contributed as our scaffolding aluminum plywood platform too in construction.

aluminium plywood platform with trap door and aluminium ladder for catwalk scaffolding
aluminium plywood platform with trap door ladder

If you are seeking film-faced plywood and other formwork and scaffolding materials, Wellmade will be your best choice. We are an ISO9001 and CE certificated scaffolding and formwork manufacturer. You can find top-quality film-faced plywood sheets and formwork products here.  As the biggest OEM formwork and scaffold factory, our prices are also cheap and economical. We are able to bring you the most benefits then.

Wellmade has exported the formwork and scaffolding materials to global 55 countries. Thus we are very professional in sending the film-faced plywood panels and formwork material to your point address in door-to-door delivery.

You can find complete related formwork and scaffolding materials from Wellmade too. Include modular scaffolding systems like ring lock, cuplock, kwikstage, frame scaffold, and tube and clamp scaffold.

Tell us your formwork film-faced plywood and scaffolding requirement to get an immediate quote now.

Film Faced Plywood Size 

CodeItemsSize(mm)PliesFilm Density
WFP009Film Faced Plywood 9mm Thickness1220 x 24407+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
WFP012Film Faced Plywood 12mm Thickness1220 x 24409+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
WFP015Film Faced Plywood 15mm Thickness1220 x 244011+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
WFP018Film Faced Plywood 18mm Thickness1220 x 244013+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
WFP020Film Faced Plywood 20mm Thickness1220 x 244015+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
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