Film Faced Plywood Formwork

Wellmade is Film Faced Plywood Manufacturer In China. We Supplier all Types and Specifications Film Faced Plywood for your Formwork Concrete. Wellmade’s Film Face Plywood is 15-20 Times Repeat Works During Concrete Forming and Shuttering.
You can find Black, Brown and Red Film Faced Plywood Here. Sizes of the Film Faced Plywood is Customized. While the Most Common Size is in 12mm, 15mm, 18mm and 21mm, 24mm thickness plywood.
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Wellmade’s Concrete Formwork Film Faced Plywood is Wide used for Formwork Engineer Companies Globally.

It is easy Cut into All sizes and Convenient for All Types of Slab Formwork and Beam Formworks and Shuttering.

The Film Faced Plywood is manufacturing with WBP Glue For Water-proof, Durable in All Temperature and Weather.

In Aluma Formwork, Steel Formwork,  Steel-plywood Formwork and Wooden Frowmork You can find Everywhere Our Film Faced Plywood.

Film Faced Plywood 

CodeItemsSize(mm)PliesFilm Density
WFP009Film Faced Plywood 9mm Thickness1220 x 24407+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
WFP012Film Faced Plywood 12mm Thickness1220 x 24409+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
WFP015Film Faced Plywood 15mm Thickness1220 x 244011+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
WFP018Film Faced Plywood 18mm Thickness1220 x 244013+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500
WFP020Film Faced Plywood 20mm Thickness1220 x 244015+2120 gsm
1250 x 2500

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