Facade Scaffolding

Facade scaffolding is one of the modular metal scaffolding systems. What is the facade scaffolding? When to use facade scaffolding? What types of scaffold material and systems can be used to form the facade scaffolding? What are the metal types for the facade scaffolding? What are the standard sizes of the facade scaffolding? What are the features of facade scaffolding? This article will give the answers to the questions.

What is facade scaffolding?

Facade means the outside face or exterior of a building and the outwall of a structure. The facade of the building and structure can be brick, wood, concrete, glass, steel, or curtain wall.
Facade scaffolding is a scaffold system used for facade work. Simply, we can say facade scaffold is the type of scaffold that stands along a building facade.
Facade scaffolding is used for both new construction and renovation. According to the purpose of work, facade scaffolds include masonry scaffolding, painting scaffolding, plaster scaffolding, wall scaffolding, brick scaffolding, cladding scaffold, roofing scaffold, insulation scaffolding, maintenance scaffolding, etc.
The words “facade scaffolding” are used widely in European country’s construction. In Europe, facade scaffolds are especially pointed to those facade frames or allround/ringlock with scaffold poles in OD48.3mm diameter and can take high load bearing.

Facade Scaffolding Systems

The facade scaffold system includes :

  1. OD48.3mm Euro Frame Scaffold

  2. OD48.3mm Ringlock/Allround Scaffolding

Both of them can form facade scaffolds with simple modular components and have functions of access, work platform, and toe board side protection.
In new construction, facade scaffolds are high-loaded to build up the facade and masonry. They prevent falling and can easily be accessed by scaffold trapdoor hatches with aluminum ladders or scaffold stairs. The width of the facade scaffold can be easily adjusted wider if needed.
In renovation, facade scaffolding is narrow enough and takes less space. Thus easy to compatible with existing buildings and surrounding designs. They are used for restoring facades, brickwork, and plastering, maintaining windows and painting, etc.

Facade Scaffolding Sizes 

The facade scaffold width is 0.73m and 1.09m. For the frame facade scaffold, the width is fixed. For all-round/ringlock scaffolding, the width is ringlock horizontals size in 0.73m. In erection, just fixed the 73cm horizontal to the ringlock standards.
73cm width can put 2 pcs of 320mm scaffold plank on. That makes the work platform simple and has fewer parts, saving time for erection and dismantling.
Facade scaffold verticals are OD48.3mm standard diameter. This makes the facade scaffold compatible with all standard scaffolding fittings and accessories.
OD48.3mm verticals of the facade scaffolding is a high load compared to OD42mm masonry frames and walk-through frames etc.

Facade Scaffold Material Metals

Normal facade scaffold materials are made of steel. The reason is steel facade scaffold takes more load and is cheaper in cost.
Aluminum facade scaffold materials are available. For example, the scaffold hatch is an aluminum platform frame with a plywood surface, which is lighter in weight and easy to handle.
An aluminum ringlock scaffolding system is sometimes used for facade scaffold as well.

Features of Facade Scaffolding

The facade scaffolding frame system features:

  1. Less components
  2. Light weight
  3. Self-aligning and easy assembly and dismantle
  4. High load bearing allows a higher position working area
  5. With safety access reach to working area
  6. More productive than modular scaffold and tube clamp system
  7. Decks are secured with locks against lifting
  8. Fast and Easy Save Time in Erection
  9. Hot dip galvanized is durability

Where to buy facade scaffolding

Facade scaffolding material can be found in European countries. Like Layher, Altrad, Plettac. They are all professionals in facade scaffolding design and service.
If you want to import from China. Wellmade produces ringlock scaffold and facade frames for your facade scaffolding construction and renovation.
All are certified by CE and ISO 9001. Export to Europe.

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