Kwikstage End Toe Board Clips

The end toe board clip is also called the end toe board bracket. It is a component of UK and Australian standard kwikstage systems. In the kwikstage construction, the end toe board clips are used to secure the scaffold toe board vertically in position when you want to use 230mm scaffold battens as toe boards.

The end toe board clips include thumb lugs. The thumb lugs are fitted into the V clips of the kwikstage standard.

Wellmade manufactures the end toe board clips using 6mm high strength steel plates. It is strong enough to hold the scaffold toe boards.

Our kwikstage scaffolding is also tested and certified by AS 1576 standards. Send us your request to get the price for free now.

  • Material: Steel Plates
  • Grade: S235
  • Finishing: Painting or Galvanizing
  • Usage: Kwikstage System
  • Standard: AS 1576 & BS 1139
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Package: Steel Pallets
  • Shipping: By Sea
  • Payment: T/T and LC
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Lead Time: 25-35 Days

Kwikstage End Toe Board Clips

End Toe Board Clips VS Kwikstage Toe Board Bracket

Both end toe board clips and toe board brackets are used to secure kwikstage toe boards in the construction.  End toe board clips can fix kwikstage toe board at one end in one direction. While end toe board brackets can fix both sides and different directions of kwikstage toe boards.

Kwikstage End Toe Board Bracket Weight

Kwikstage End Toe Board Bracket
Code No.ItemsSizeWeightFinishing
WETB01End Toe Board Bracket5mm1.3 KGGal & Painted
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