EN 131 Aluminium Ladder Heavy Duty D Type

EN 131 is standard for ladders. The D-type aluminum ladder is a type of heavy-duty single aluminum ladder for industrial purposes(including construction and scaffolding access).  What is the D-type of aluminium ladder? What is the grade of aluminum is used for the ladders?  You can get answers in this article.

The D-type aluminum ladder is a single aluminum ladder made of 70mm high-load aluminum stringers/beams with high-load D-type box rungs. The load is more than 150 kg heavy-duty load. The D-type aluminum ladder is more durable and stable and not easy to bend in construction compared to normal aluminum ladders.

D Type aluminum ladders are made from aluminum of 6061 T6. This aluminum grade helps the aluminum ladder much stronger in load.

Wellmade is an aluminium ladder manufacturer that supplies both D-type and normal O-type alumimium ladders for industrial. Send us email to get an immediate price.

What is the Classification of Ladders?

There are 3 classifications for the ladders:

  1. Class 1 (Type 1): Ladders on heavy duty for industrial purposes with a rated duty of 130 KG
  2. Class 2 (Type 2): Ladders in medium duty for light trade purposes (folding trestle only) with a rated duty of 110KG
  3. Class 3(Type 3): Ladders suit for domestic and household with rated duty of 95KG

Both D-type and O-type single aluminium ladders EN 131 are Class 1 heavy-duty ladders for construction, access and scaffolding.

Are Aluminium  Ladders Safe?

Aluminium ladders are used popularly in industrial, domestic(house) and trade. It is safe in strength, load and capacity. But aluminium ladders are electrical conductors. Can not use near power lines, electrical lines or wires.

What are the Strengths of Aluminium Ladders?

  1. Light Weight. Only 1.5-2.3KG per meter for a single aluminium ladder. Only 1/3 weight of a steel ladder. Easy handling, and moving.
  2. Strong. Aluminium ladder are made of 6061 T6 aluminum grade. It is strong enough to bear the weight of workers.
  3. Durable. Aluminium ladder are durable and resistant to corrossion.

Size&Specification of D Type Aluminium Ladder EN 131

D Type Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder EN 131 Standards
WDL0202.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×304.6
WDL0252.5m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×305.75
WDL0303.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×306.90
WDL0353.5m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×308.05
WDL0404.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×309.20
WDL0454.5m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×3010.35
WDL0505.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×3011.50
WDL0555.5m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×3012.65
WDL0606.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×3013.80

Wellmade D Type Aluminium Ladders

Wellmade’s Single Ladder Load Capacity is Tested According to EN 131.  You can find Each Single Ladder Test Report to Each of Your Order Issued By Our Lab too.  Wellmade’s Single Ladder is protected by Rubber Cap and Foot.
The Single Ladder Rungs are made by Anti-Slip High Strength Aluminium Structural Material. It Secures Workers’ Safety In Construction and Access.
The distance between Single Ladder Rungs is 300mm as Standards.  You can find 2m to 6m Single Ladders In Height and 390mm – 450mm in width. For 6m Single Ladders include 20 Steps.
D Type Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder is Used Popular in Oil Gas Offshore Industrial Scaffolding, Civil Construction Scaffolding For Its Light Weight but Higher Loading Capacity Compare to Lightweight Aluminium Ladder.


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