Aluminium EN131 Step Ladder

Wellmade is Single Ladder Manufacturer&Supplier In China. Our Aluminium Single Ladder is Tested  According to EN 131 Standard.

You Can find Heavy Duty D Rungs Single Ladder and Lightweight O Rung Single Ladders Here.

Wellmade’s Extension Single Ladder is  Combined by Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladders In Customized Sizes.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Single Ladder Load Capacity is Tested According to EN 131.  You can find Each Single Ladder Test Report to Each of Your Order Issued By Our Lab too.  Wellmade’s Single Ladder is protected by Rubber Cap and Foot.
The Single Ladder Rungs are made by Anti-Slip High Strength Aluminium Structural Material. It Secures Workers’ Safety In Construction and Access.
The distance between Single Ladder Rungs is 300mm as Standards.  You can find 2m to 6m Single Ladders In Height and 390mm – 450mm in width. For 6m Single Ladders include 20 Steps.
D Type Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder is Used Popular in Oil Gas Offshore Industrial Scaffolding, Civil Construction Scaffolding For Its Light Weight but Higher Loading Capacity Compare to Lightweight Aluminium Ladder.
D Type Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladder EN 131 Standards
WDL0202.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×304.6
WDL0252.5m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×305.75
WDL0303.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×306.90
WDL0353.5m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×308.05
WDL0404.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×309.20
WDL0454.5m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×3010.35
WDL0505.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×3011.50
WDL0555.5m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×3012.65
WDL0606.0m D Type Heavy Aluminium Ladder390-45070×3013.80


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