Drop Lock Arch Frame

Wellmade is arch frame scaffolding manufacturer in China. We supply galvanized, painting and powder-coated arch frame scaffolding for your construction.
Wellmade’s arch frame scaffolding is tested&certified according to international scaffolding standards.  In fabrication, Wellmade control the arch frame scaffolding products according to ISO 9001 management.
You can find high-quality welding lines from Wellmade’s arch frames.  That is because Wellmade is the CE certified scaffold factory. The welding is audit and certified according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090.
If you are looking for arch frame scaffolding and parts for your construction. Wellmade would be your best choice. We do not only give you high quality, but also professional scaffold design and door to door delivery etc.
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Wellmade Arch Frame Scaffolding

As one of frame scaffolding system, arch frame scaffolding is used more and more widely. Wellmade’s arch frame scaffolding is also called walk through scaffolding. It is used in all types of construction and shoring: civil construction, commercial construction, industrial construction etc.

According to the frame pin lock types, there are:

  • Drop Lock Pin Arch Frame
  • Flip Lock Arch Frames
  • Fast lock Arch Frames
  • C-lock Arch Frames
  • Canda Lock Arch Frames

More than the single vertical post frames, the arch frame scaffolding include system parts and components, Include:

You can customize your arch frame sizes in Wellmade. While the most popular arch frame scaffolding size include 5′ , 3′ and 42″ in width and 5′ and 6’4″  in height.

In manufacturing, Wellmade produces the arch frame scaffolding by scaffold tube in 1.69  In Outside diameter for vertical and horizontal elements of the arch frames. Inside bend tubes and small tubes are 1.25 in.

Wellmade’s arch frame scaffolding system is a modular system scaffold. It is connected and fixed vertically by scaffolding coupling pins and fixed by spring V clips.

Both finishing of the arch frame scaffolding is available. Include hot-dip galvanized and powder coated.
arch frame scaffolding painted italian type
Italian Type Arch Frame In painting

Drop Lock Arch Frame Scaffolding Sizes&Specification

CodeItemsTUbe (O.D)W.T(KG)
AF05055 x 5 Arch Frame Scaffold1.69 x 1.25 IN20.58
AF03643 x 6’4″ Arch Frame Scaffold1.69 x 1.25 IN19.58
AF05645 x 6’4″ Arch Frame Scaffold1.69 x 1.25 IN25.55
AF426442″ x 6’4″ Arch Frame Scaffold1.69 x 1.25 IN24.46


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