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  • Custom Type of Scaffold System
  • Custom Scaffolding Parts Size
  • Custom Mark
  • Custom Grade
  • Custom Surface & Finishing

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Wellmade Custom Scaffolding

As a leading ISO9001 & CE certificated OEM scaffolding manufacturer and supplier in China, Wellmade custom your scaffolding and satisfy your special requirement:

  • Wellmade Custom Your Scaffolding Design: Whatever for propping or access tower, Wellmade is able to design the scaffolding for you.
  • Custom Your Scaffolding System:  modular scaffolding, tube and clamp system, frame system, and complete scaffolding parts&accessories
  • Custom Scaffold Mark: Put your company name and logo on your scaffolding products
  • Custom Scaffolding Finishing: Offer you galvanizing, painting, powder-coated, and GI scaffolding
  • Custom Your Scaffolding Parts Size: You can get scaffold parts in standard sizes, or custom the scaffold parts sizes.

Choose Your Custom Scaffolding Types

Custom scaffolding system

You can choose system scaffolding of Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Kwikstage Scaffolding, Crab Scaffolding, Quick-Lock Scaffolding for your construction.

custom scaffolding tube and clamp

If you want traditional scaffolding, all types of scaffolding tubes and fittings are available for your choosing – British standard, Europe Standard, Japanese Standard, Australian Standard…   One-stop scaffolding standard consulting here.

custom scaffolding frame system

If you are using frame scaffolding in construction, Wellmade offers all types of scaffolding frame systems: walk-through frames, mason scaffolding frames, hi-load shoring frames, European facade scaffolding frames, Italian scaffolding frames, etc.

custom scaffolding aluminium scaffold tower

Are you looking for aluminium scaffolding in lightweight? Ask aluminium scaffolding then. We have aluminium scaffold towers, ladders, planks etc for your mobile scaffold, indoor scaffolding…

custom scaffolding shoring system

If you are looking for custom shoring scaffolding for heavy-duty industrial, commercial, and infrastructure scaffolding. Our different shore systems help you. There are wide range of shoring scaffolding system here: ringlock shore system, frame shore system, crab shoring scaffolding etc.

custom scaffolding propping and formwork

If the scaffolding is going to be used for steel support in slab formwork or beam formwork. All types, sizes, and bearing adjustable steel scaffolding props with scaffolding equipment of tripod, forkhead, u head, and u jacks are available here.

Wellmade Custom Your Scaffolding Parts and Sizes

Whatever scaffolding system you are choosing. Wellmade is able to custom your scaffolding system components. You can also custom your sizes for each component and parts of selected scaffolding system and materials:

  • Ringlock scaffolding: ringlock standards, o ledger, u ledger, diagonal braces, horizontal braces, transom, bracket, jack base, u head, steel planks, aluminum boards, stairs, ladders, fittings, truss ledgers, lattice girders, aluminum beams …
  • Cuplock scaffolding: cuplock verticals, cuplock horizontals, cuplock braces, cuplock transom, adjustable base jack, scaffold battens & boards, bracket, hop-ups, cantilevers, decking beams, infill beams, drop head, base plate…
  • Kwikstage scaffolding: kwikstage standards, ledgers, transom, scaffold boards & battens, brackets, stairs…
  • Frame scaffolding: vertical frames, cross braces, guard rails, guard rail posts, scaffolding planks and boards, side brackets, truss, etc in your custom sizes…
  • Scaffold tubes: Galvanized, painting tubes, GI pipes, round and square hollow section with custom sizes.
  • Scaffold fittings: drop forged, pressed steel type scaffold fittings for O.D 42mm, O.D 48mm, O.D 60mm, O.D 76mm, O.D 89mm scaffold tubes and poles.  British Standard Scaffolding Couplers
  • Scaffold boards: Timber and steel scaffold boards BS 2482, EN 1004, and EN 12810 standard
  • Scaffold ladders: steel and aluminium ladders in light and heavy-duty with your custom sizes.
  • Adjustable steel props: Light, medium, and heavy-duty steel adjustable props for your concrete shuttering in your sizes.
Metal Scaffolding Grades

Wellmade does not only make your scaffolding system components and parts in custom sizes. We make the scaffold parts in custom grades.

  • For steel scaffolding products and items, there are custom scaffolding steel grade s235, S275, S355, C45, and STK 400, STK 500.
  • For aluminium scaffolding products, you can choose custom aluminium grade 6061, 6063 and 6082.

The metal grade is an important factor related to the loading capacity. If you are not sure about the metal grade, tell us your loading capacity requirement, Wellmade engineers will design for you under your custom requirement.

Custom Scaffolding Finishing

scaffolding galvanizing

Wellmade is able to offer you galvanizing scaffolding in custom. You can find in Wellmade different galvanizing types:

  1. Hot dip galvanizing scaffolding
  2. E-galvanized scaffolding (Called zinc-plated or cold galvanizing)
  3. GI scaffolding (Pre-galvanized steel scaffolding)
Painted Kwikstage Scaffolding Standards with Spigot

We custom your painting scaffolding in different colors. While you are also able to choose to paint the scaffolding in wholes pieces. You can also mark your scaffolding on part of it.

Powder coated scaffolding is required in the USA, Canada…. Wellmade custom your powder coated scaffolding in colors, thickness, etc.

How to Choose Your Scaffolding in Custom

When you are seeking custom scaffolding material for your construction and support. You can ask the following question:

  1. Is your scaffolding used for concrete slab support or building scaffolding? This is very important to help Wellmade engineer’s custom design.
  2. What is the concrete support load capacity requirement of your custom scaffolding?
  3. How many stairways for your access scaffolding construction?
  4. Which scaffolding system do you prefer?
  5. Do you keep the scaffolding for long-term rental, repeating using?
  6. Do you want to custom your scaffolding material with your company logos or marks?
  7. Which day is your custom scaffolding materials are needed?
  8. What is the scaffolding material volume required?

Wellmade’s custom scaffolding is used wide range globally for different constructions, include:

  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Propping and Formwork

Wellmade Bring Your More Benefits In Supplying Custom Scaffolding

When you are seeking the right supplier for your scaffolding in custom, Wellmade will be your best choice.

Wellmade ensure your custom scaffolding quality

Wellmade is an OEM custom scaffolding manufacturer. We do OEM manufacturing and service for many famous companies in the formwork and scaffolding industry. Include a lot of Germany and USA and Canada scaffold factories.  Our quality is the best in China chosen as their OEM partner.

Wellmade is a CE certificate custom scaffold factory

A lot of scaffolding companies and factories only give you a paper with “CE” letters. Wellmade is a real CE scaffolding manufacturer, audit and authorized according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834. Few scaffolding manufacturers and factories are able to pass the strict quality requirement of ISO 3834 and EN1090 standards. Wellmade’s welding quality is at the top level in the scaffolding and formwork industry.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 custom scaffolding manufacturer

Internal quality control is the most important factor to ensure your custom scaffolding material safety. ISO9001 is a very strict manufacturing management guide to guide internal quality control. Wellmade is an ISO9001 certificate scaffold factory.  Our controlling are from raw material chemical components, physical strengths to safety load capacity, etc.

Wellmade has complete testing facilities

Some small and medium scaffolding factories do not have their test facilities. If without their own test equipment, it is hard to ensure every batch and lot of scaffolding materials are qualified and safe.

Wellmade is a quality guide custom scaffolding factory, our test facilities are as complete as a 3rd party test house. We control our quality at every step and offer you a test report of whatever point you want.   It includes MTC, welding quality test report, loading capacity test report, surface adheres and zinc thickness report, etc.

Professional custom scaffolding service

Wellmade not only services for scaffolding and formwork companies. We have experience working with construction companies, oil and gas companies, contractors, and engineering companies.  Thus we are familiar with all scaffolding standards. Our sales and technical teams are trained professionals to give professional scaffolding design and suggestions to you. More than that, Wellmade’s test result data support our professional design and service.

Wellmade offers a custom scaffolding product warranty

In Wellmade, you are not able to enjoy the qualified custom scaffolding products and professional scaffolding service, scaffolding material warranty is offer upon receiving materials at your side.

Door to Door Delivery and Professional Scaffolding Exporter

Wellmade export the custom scaffolding to global 55 countries. We are in scaffolding export for more than 25 years. Thus our documents are professional that convenient for clients to import. More than that, Wellmade has versatile freight forwarding worldwide. Thus we are able to offer you door-to-door delivery in most countries. For some special countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Wellmade is able to offer import licenses and import permits if it is required. In addition, Wellmade holds PC and PPS from Malaysia Construction CIDB.

Custom scaffolding mock-up inspection

Mock-up inspection is a special quality controlling progress in Wellmade. This mock-up inspection is aimed to ensure all of the parts, elements, locks, and accessories are work compatible. The mock-up inspection ensures the custom scaffolding reaching you with zero trouble.

Competitive prices bring extra benefits to you

Compare to scaffolding trading companies, Wellmade is not only ensuring your custom scaffolding delivery time and quality, but we can also bring your competitive prices without a middle agent profit.  In addition, as a famous largest scaffolding manufacturer in China, Wellmade’s resources are able to bring your more benifits, which is much better than small and medium scaffolding factories.

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

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