Cuplock Scaffold Spigot Adapter Clamp

The spigot adapter clamp is one part of cuplock scaffold system. What is a spigot adapter clamp? Why need this element in the cuplock system?
The cuplock spigot adapter clamp is a component that allows cuplock verticals standard any place in the middle of cuplock horizontals: cuplock lattice girders and beams, truss ledgers or ledgers, etc.
It is composed of four parts: a cuplock scaffold spigot, a standard half-swivel clamp, a standard cuplock tube, and a bolt and nut to fix the spigot to the tubes.
The half-swivel coupler on the adapter clamp is in 48.3mm diameter. This size makes the spigot clamps compatible with all standard steel and aluminum scaffold tubes in OD48.3mm.
Hot dip galvanizing makes the spigot adapter most durable in corrosion-resistant and can last 50 years without rust.

Cuplock Spigot Adapter Clamp Sizes

WCSACuplock Spigot Adapter ClampO.D48.3mm3.25KG

Wellmade Cuplock Spigot Adapter Clamp

Wellmade is a scaffolding manufacturer that produces all components of cuplock system. Include the spigot adapter clamps.  It is an ISO 9001 & CE certified factory exported to global countries.
The cuplock spigot adapter clamp is mainly produced for USA scaffold and construction companies to adopt all shapes of construction.  Thus the half-swivel clamps are a USA heavy-duty type with 22mm flange nut. While British and German types of half-swivel clamps are available for the spigot clamp as well.
The spigot adapter clamp is called a spigot support clamp, spigot adaptor, or chicken leg. clamp. It is compatible with all brands of cuplock systems globally.


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