Cuplock System Scaffolding Spigot Adapter Clamp

Wellmade is Cuplock System Manufacturer In China. You Can Find All Cuplock System Components and Parts here.
As a CE Certified Cuplock System Scaffolding Factory, You can find Top Quality Welding On Our Cuplock System Parts.
Spigot Adapter Clamps is One of the Cuplock System Parts. It Connects Cuplock System Chicken Legs to Cuplock Verticals.
The Cuplock System and Components Safety Load is Tested According to EN 12810 and EN 12811 Standard.
Send Your Requirement to Get Instant Cuplock System Weight and Price.
Wellmade Controls Cuplock System Scaffolding Quality According to ISO 9001. Our Cuplock System Components are tested throughout the Whole Process from Raw Material Steel Grade, Tubing Quality, Welding, Surface Treatment and Load Capacity Test.
In Fabrication, Cuplock System Spigot Adapter Clamp includes Parts of  Drop Forged Half Swivel Couple and High Strength Steel Scaffold Tube O.D 48.3mm
Cuplock System Spigot Clamp Adapter is Verserity with Standard O.D 48.3mm Diameter Cuplock System Vertical and Ledger Components.
In Install and Engineering, The Cuplock System Spigot Adapter Clamp Cuplock Vertical Load of Scaffold Tower In Construction.
Spigot Support Clamp is Compatible with All Brand Type of Cuplock  System Scaffolding Globally.
According to Your Country Regulation and Standard, Wellmade Makes the Spigot Adapter Clamp Customized with Scaffoldnig Half Swivel in the USA I Bolt Durable Swivel Clamps, Germany  Swivel Clamps and British Swivel Clamps.

Cuplock System Supported Spigot Clamp

WCSACuplock Spigot Support Clamp AdapterO.D48.3mm3.25KG




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