Cuplock Scaffold Socket Base Plate

The cuplock socket base plate is called a scaffolding adaptor too. It is a component of cuplock scaffolding system. Originally designed by SGS UK.

The cuplock steel plate includes a base plate and a socket scaffold tube in OD48.3mm. The big socket scaffold tube spigot allows universal jacks inserted into, and forms adjustable scaffold base jacks and top head jacks used for construction as well as concrete slab and beam formwork shoring.

The base plate size is 152(6”)x152(6”)mm in a square and 10mm thickness, while the 48.3mm socket scaffold tube are welded at the center of the steel base plate.

Wellmade is a professional cuplock scaffolding manufacturer and exporter supplying high-quality scaffold parts and accessories certified by EN 74, EN 12810 standards. Ask good price now.

Code No.DescriptionPlate SizePlate ThicknessTube DiameterTube ThicknessWeight
WBPS1010100mm Adaptor152x152mm10mmOD48.3mm4.0mm2.26 KG
WBPS100886mm Socket Plate152x152mm10mmOD48.3mm3.2mm2.19 KG


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