Cuplock Scaffold Socket Base Plate

The cuplock socket base plate is called scaffolding adaptors. It is a component of cuplock scaffolding system.

The cuplock steel socket base plate includes a flat steel plate and a 48.3mm socket scaffold tube. The 48.3mm big diameter allows universal jacks inserted inside and fixed by bolts and nuts to form adjustable scaffold base jacks.  The adjustable scaffold jack base formed by universal jacks and socket base plates is able to be used as scaffold leveling feet at bottom of the scaffold. It is also used at top of the cuplock slab formwork system to form a support for scaffold beams. In the cuplock formwork system, the socket base plate is compatible with other components of cuplock drop head, universal jacks and deck beams (first beam), and infill beams(secondary beam).

The size of the scaffold base plate is 152(6”)x152(6”)mm square and made of a 10mm high strength steel plate. While The socket 48.3mm socket scaffold tube is welded at the center of the steel base plate.

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Code No.DescriptionPlate SizePlate ThicknessTube DiameterTube ThicknessWeight
WBPS1010100mm Adaptor152x152mm10mmOD48.3mm4.0mm2.26 KG
WBPS100886mm Socket Plate152x152mm10mmOD48.3mm3.2mm2.19 KG


Scaffold Base Plate Types

Socket Base Plate

A socket scaffold base plate is a base plate with a big diameter tube as spigot. Include cuplock socket base plate and socket base plate for crab 60 scaffolding base jacks. They allow a universal jack inserted.

Comparision Between Cuplock and Crab 60 Scaffold Socket Base Plate 
No.Cuplock Socket Base PlateCrab 60 Socket Base Plate
Tube Diameter48.3mmOD60mm ( 2.37″)
Universal Jack Diameter38mm48mm
SystemCuplock ScaffoldCrab 60 Shoring System
Height760mm * 860mm600mm

Scaffold Base Plate with Solid Bars

A scaffold base plate with a solid bar is required according to BS 1139 and En 74 standards for the tube and clamp system. The diameter of the solid bar is 16mm. The height of the spigot is 50-100mm.

Scaffold Base Plate with Small Tube(Spigot)

Small tubes on the scaffold base plate are used to insert to scaffold standard poles. The diameter is 34mm- 36mm. Some time 32mm scaffold tube is required to match up with the holes of top plate for adjustable scaffolding props .

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