Cuplock Scaffold Lattice Girder

Cuplock scaffold girders are scaffold girder beams designed for cuplock systems. It is with one top chord, one bottom chord, and four cuplock blades welded on the chords. Between the two chords, there are some braces supporting the girder chords.
In the middle of the cuplock scaffold girder, there is a cuplock vertical with one set of top cup and bottom cups and one cuplock connector(spigot). The cups are joints of the cuplock ledgers. The connector is used to continue the height of the cuplock system.
Cuplock girders are easy to assemble and give efficient connection for big-span cuplock construction.
Wellmade is a cuplock scaffold manufacturer, customize the girder beams according to your requirement.
Wellmade’s Cuplock Scaffolding Lattice Girder is Components of Modular Cuplock Scaffolding System.
It is a Cuplock Long Span Solution, offers Truss Girder Bridge For Construction Without Space for Cuplock Standard Towers.
Cuplock Lattice Beam is a type of Steel Truss Girder. The Steel Cuplock Lattice Beam i Made By  O.D 48mm Scaffold Tubes in S 235 Steel Grage.
There are 4 Cuplock Ledger Blades on Ends of The Lattice Beams. The Ledger Blades of Cuplock Scaffolding Lattice Girder Connect with Cuplock Scaffolding Cups and Standards.
Lattice Beam as Truss Girder Is heavy Duty and High Load, Offers Safety Construction for Long Spans.
Wellmade’s Cuplock Scaffolding Lattice beams Compatible with All Brands of Cuplock Scaffolding System.

Cuplock Scaffolding Lattice Girder Sizes

WCLG055m (16’4″)Cuplock Lattice GirderO.D 48.3×500080.5
WCLG066.4m(21′) Cuplock Lattice GirderO.D 48.3×6400103.16



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