Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frame

Wellmade’s Cantilever Frame is Components of Cuplock Scaffolding.
The Cantilever Frame is with 2 Cupl0ck Scaffolding End Blades. The End Blades Joint with Cuplock Scaffolding Vertical Cups.
Wellmade’s Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frame is Designed to Support External of The Cuplock Scaffolding and Slab Formwork Periphery.
You can Put Adjustable Fork Head, End Frames at 3 Position from the External Cuplock Scaffolding Periphery In 1.2m, 1.25m and 1.3m.
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Wellmade Cuplock scaffolding Cantilever Frames

Wellmade Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frame is Fabricated By O.D 48.3mm Scaffold Tubes In High Steel Grade.
The Deeps of the Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frames are Customized In 1.0m  and 1.5m Connecting with Cuplock Cups.
Using Wellmade’s Cuplock Cantilever Frames Allowed a Side Cantilever Construction and Suspended Scaffolding.

Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frame Sizes

WCCB131.3m Deep Cantilever FrameO.D 48.3 x 130019.1
WCCB151.5m Deep  Cantilever FrameO.D 48.3 x 150020.5

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