Cuplock Scaffold Transoms

Cuplock Scafold Transoms are 5 Boards Platform Support in 1.3m. It also supports between Hop-Up Bracket Platform.
The transom span inside ledgers.
It is made from OD 48.3 x 3.2mm Scaffold Tube in lightweight with Wedge Device to Avoid any move of cuplock ledgers. 
Wellmade’s Cuplock Transom is compatible with all other Cuplock System Components.
There are normal Intermediate Cuplock Transom and Inside Cuplock Scaffolding Transom According to Purpose of Construction Scaffolding Usage and Design.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Cuplock Scaffold Transom Sizes&Specification

Cuplock Scaffolding Intermediate Transom

 WIT2502.5m  Cuplock Intermediate TransomOD48.3×3.2mm11.44KG
 WIT1801.8m Cuplock Intermediate TransomOD48.3×3.2mm8.81KG
WIT1301.3m  Cuplock Intermediate TransomOD48.3×3.2mm6.86KG
WIT1201.2m  Cuplock Intermediate TransomOD48.3×3.2mm6.47KG
WIT0560.565m  Cuplock Intermediate TransomOD48.3×3.2mm3.99 KG
WIT0790.795m  Cuplock Intermediate TransomOD48.3×3.2mm4.88KG

Cuplock Scaffolding Inside Transom

 WIT1BOne Board Inside TransomOD. 48.3 x 3.2mm,Grade 43C7.9KG
WIT2BTwo Board Inside TransomOD48.3×3.2mm,Grade 43C8.9KG
WIT3B Three Board Inside TransomOD48.3×3.2mm,Grade 43C9.9KG



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