Cuplock Scaffold Ladder Bracket

Cuplock ladder bracket is a scaffold bracket used to lock cuplock steel ladders vertically to cuplock scaffolding tower. Form scaffold access for construction and building.

The scaffold ladder bracket product is composited of one big U clamp, one half swivel clamp, and two sets of bolts and nuts.

In construction, the U clamps fix both sides of cuplock ladder vertical poles with bolts and nuts.  While the half coupler locks the ladder to cuplock standards or ledgers.

The sizes (width) of the cuplock scaffold ladder bracket need to match up with the axial width of the cuplock ladders. More than cuplock scaffolding systems, it works for ladders of ringlock scaffold systems too.

For anti-ruty purpose, the ladder bracket scaffolding are hot dip galvanized. Tell us your requirement by mail to get the immediate price now.

  1. Material: High Strength Steel
  2. Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  3. For Scaffold System: Cuplock and Ringlock
  4. Width: 369mm, 14″, 15.5″ and 17″,17.5″
  5. Half Coupler: Forged Swivel Clamp and Half Wedge Clamps
  6. Coupler Standard: EN 74 and ANIS
  7. Coupler Size: OD 48.3mm

Cuplock Scaffold Ladder Bracket Types

WSLB0114.5″ (369mm)6″ (152mm)3.4 KGHDG
WSLB0214″ (356mm)6″ (152mm)3.2 KGHDG
WSLB0315.5″ (394mm)6″ (152mm)3.5 KGHDG
WSLB0417″ (432mm)161mm3.6 KGHDG
WSLB0517.5″(445mm)161mm3.7 KGHDG

Scaffold Ladder Bracket Half Couplers

The scaffold half couplers are elements of the scaffold ladder brackets. Type of half swivel coupler for ladder brackets include:

  1. Drop Forged Half Coupler  BS1139 with 21mm Cross Nut and Washer
  2. Forged Half Coupler EN 74 with 22mm Flange Nut
  3. Forged Half Coupler AS1576 with 23mm Flange Nut
  4. Forged Half COupler with Coarse Threaded Bolts and Nut to Germany
  5. Forged Half Coupler American Type
  6. Half Wedge Clamp  USA Type


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