Cuplock Scaffold Drop Head

Cuplock drop head is a component when cuplock scaffolding used for concrete formwork shoring. It includes a cast fitting and top and bottom base plates. On the base plates, there are some holes, which are used to connect with the socket base plates.

The drop head is designed to work with cuplock standards and adaptors In construction. it is used to lock the deck(primary) beams and infill (secondary) beams for the cuplock formwork system.

Technical Data 

Plate SizeHeightWeightAllowed LoadFinishing
152x100mm214mm5.2 KG40 KNPainted& Gal

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  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Hole Size: 12mm
  • Tube Size: 40x40mm
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Standard: BS1139/EN12810


Why Use Cuplock Drop Head

The advantage of using cuplock drop head is the primary and secondary beams can be removed when the cuplock concrete soffits remain supporting and the shuttering is not disturbed during the concrete curing. While the removed primary and secondary beams can be re-used for other concrete by only adding the cuplock supporting components.

Components used together with the cuplock drop head system:

  1. Cuplock standards
  2. Cuplock ledgers
  3. Universal jacks
  4. Socket base plate
  5. Drop head
  6. Decking beams
  7. Infill beams
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