Cuplock Scaffold Caster Adapter

Cuplock Scaffolding Caster Adapter is fabricated with heavy-duty caster wheels. It is a connector between the mobile scaffold caster and cuplock standard poles. The caster adapter forming cuplock mobile scaffold tower easier.
Wellmade produces cuplock scaffolding caster adapters according to ISO9001 Management and Quality Controlling System.  We test and control the cuplock scaffolding and accessories in steel grade, welding quality, sizes, and specifications for 24 hours  and throughout the whole production processes.
The cuplock scaffolding caster adapter welding quality standard.  In Wellmade Scaffold, we manufacture all scaffolding and formwork products according to En1090 and ISO 3834, which is the CE Certified according to the Europe Welding Standard Requirement.
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Wellmade’s Cuplock Scaffold Caster Adapter

Wellmade’s cuplock scaffold caster adapter is made from OD 48.3mm scaffold tube. On the vertical scaffold tube, there is one set of cup lock scaffolding top cup and bottom cup. The top cup and bottom cups allowes horizontal connecting with cuplock ledgers.

At top of the adapter, there is one cuplock spigot coupling pin.   the cuplock scaffold caster adapter spigot make cuplock standard connected during construction.

Cuplock Caster Adapter allows a starter for Mobile Cuplock Access Tower, by connecting with cuplock ledger horizontals.

In fabrication, the caster wheels are in 12″ diameter with caster iron core, which is heavy duty and can bring you hi load capacity. There is a flat base plate at top of the cuplock scaffolding caster. The flat base plate of caster wheels is matched up with cuplock caster adapter and fixed by the bolt and nut.  More than that, the flat plate type caster wheels of the caster adaptor sets can be workable with scaffolding adjustable screw jack base.

If you are using ring lock scaffolding, Wellmade is able to designed caster adapter working with ringlock scaffolding system too.

In erection, the cuplock scaffolding caster wheel is always with brake. The caster wheel bracks make cuplock scaffolding mobile tower more stable and safe.

All cuplock and ringlock scaffolding caster adapter loading capacity test result is available for each shipment.

Cuplock Scaffold Caster Adapter Size

WCAP12Cuplock Caster Adapter12″ x 3″5KG


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