Cuplock Scaffold 3 Boards Side Bracket

Wellmade is Cuplock Scaffolding and Side Brackets Manufacturer In China. You Can Find One Board, Two Board and Three Board Side Barckets and Hop Up Brackets Here.

Wellmade Produces Side Brackets according to EN 1090&ISO 3834 CE Requirement. You Can Find Strong Plump Welding Line on our  Side Brackets and Hop Up Scaffold.

Our Side Brackets, as a Part of Cuplock Scaffolding,  is Conform Construction Safety Load Standard EN 12810 & EN 12811 Standard.

Send Us Your Requirement of Cuplock Scaffolding Parts and Side Bracket to Get Best Price.

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Cuplock Scaffolding Three Boards Bracket, Hanging from Metrix Scaffolding Modular Cup And Lock System, Forming Suspended Scaffolding, Walk Staging, and Easy Deck Work Platform.
The 3 Boards Brackets Size is of 3 Board Width of Cuplock Modular System.
With Integrated Components of Top Cup Bottom Cup and Ledger Blades, The Three Board Brackets are Easy Erected Scaffolding in Construction, Concrete Formwork Temporary Support.
Scaffold Boards and Planks are easy fixings with the Scaffold Brackets.
WMS Scaffold Brackets 3 Boards are Compatible with Global Cup Lock System
  • OD 48.3mm match up with Global Standard Cuplock Scaffolding
  • Hot Dip Galvanized of Durable Purpose
  • Top Cup and Bottom Cup Lock With Other Components
  • Forged Ledger Blades Fixing with Cuplock Standards
  • EN 1090 and ISO383 CE Certificated Welding Safety
  • High Steel Structure Strong and Stable
  • Load Capacity Testing In House for Each Shipment

Cuplock Scaffold 3 Boards Brackets

WCSB3Cuplock Scaffold Side Bracket 3 Boards3 BoardsOD 48.3mmH.D.G


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