Cuplock Scaffold Omega Battens

Cuplock scaffold is a modular system. Omega and omega battens are components of the modular scaffold. What are omega battens? What is the dimension of the omega battens? What are the types of cuplock omega battens? You will get answers here.

Cuplock omega battens are scaffold boards with plain ends that work with cuplock omega transom in cuplock system. There are two types of cuplock omega battens: steel omega battens and timber boards(battens).

Steel cuplock battens is 238mm in width and 57mm in height. Timber cuplock omega battens is 225mm in width and 63mm in height.

In the next content, you will get details of how the omega battens work with omega transom in the cuplock system.

How Cuplock Omega Battens Work With Omega Transom

Omega battens are without hooks. The ends of the omega battens are plained. So the omega battens need to have a seat or support forming platform. While omega transoms are with flanges(seat) because of the special inverted T section design.  Thus, you just need to put the cuplock omega battens between two pieces of fixed omega transoms in the cuplock construction. Then the work platform is formed.

This erection is easy and safe because the inverted T section is strong enough offering support on the same level from two sides and preventing the omega battens from moving in construction.

Sizes of Cuplock Omega Battens

Cuplock Steel Batten Sizes

Cuplock Steel Omega Battens Sizes
Code No.Items Sizes
WCSOB131.3m Steel Batten230x57x1300mm
WCSOB181.8m  Steel Batten230x57x1800mm
WCSOB252.5m Steel Batten230x57x2500mm

Cuplock Timber Omega Batten Sizes

Cuplock Timber Omega Battens Sizes
Code No.Items Sizes
WCWOB131.3m Timber Batten225x63x1300mm
WCWOB181.8m Timber Batten225x63x1800mm
WCWOB252.5m Timber Batten225x63x2500mm


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