Cuplock Handrail Posts

In the cuplock scaffolding system, you may need components of cuplock handrail posts. What are cuplock handrail posts? What is the function of the cuplock handrail post and how to use the handrail post in construction?  You will get the complete answer here.

Cuplock handrail posts are cuplock vertical positions used to receive cuplock handrails between two cuplok standards to provide the safety of platforms and access stairs. It is composed of one scaffold tube, two sets of top cups and bottom cups, and one scaffold clamp.

The scaffold fittings on the cuplock handrail posts are in OD48.3mm standard size which can form a guardrail protection system between two cuplock standards by simply fixing fittings to the tube part of cuplock ledgers.

The cuplock handrail post is 1.0 m in height. The two sets of the top cups and bottom cups receive ledger blades on cuplock ledgers that form two rails per 1m height. This design makes the guard rail system safe and stable.

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