Cuplock Cantilever Extension Adapter

The cantilever extension adapter is a part of cuplock system. What is the cantilever extension adapter?  What is the extension adapter function in the cuplock system?

The cantilever extension adapter extends cuplock cantilevers and cuplock brackets vertically to cuplock standards to create columns or guard railing systems in cuplock edge scaffold. So a cantilever extension adapter is also called cuplock vertical extension adaptor or extension spigot clamp.

Cup lock cantilever extension adapter is in the same diameter as cuplock tubes OD48.3mm. There are two holes in the spigot clamps, used to fix cuplock spigots and secure the cantilever/brackets to cuplock verticals.

The cantilever extension adapters are compatible with all brands of cuplock systems.

Cantilever Extension Adapter Specifications

  • Steel Grade: S235 Low Carbon Steel
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Usage System: Cuplock Scaffolding
  • Size: OD 48.3mm x 200mm
  • Brand: WMS
Cuplock Cantilever Extended Spigot Clamp
WCSV20Cantilever Extension AdapterO.D 48.3x 2002.05KG


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