Crowd Control Barrier Fence

Wellmade manufactures the crowd control barriers to European Countries. The crowd control barrier fence is in sizes of 2.3m width and 1.1m height. Wellmade crowd control barrier fences products are used as road way medians, pedestrian channeling, traffic controlling, construction security etc.
 You can find complete sizes and specifications of the crowd control barrier products from Wellmade scaffold. As a leading crowd control barriers manufacturer in China. We custom your crowd control barriers in sizes, types, steel structure as well as surface treatment.
More than GI and hot-dip galvanized crowd control barrier fences, you can find painted and powder coated panels too. Send us your crowd control barrier fences requirement to get an immediate price now.

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Wellmade Crowd Control Barrier Fences

This galvanized crowd control barrier is made from galvanized steel tubular material. It is also called temporary fencing. The crow control barriers and fences are prefabricated from high-strength steel structures.
The crowd control barrier fences are with fixed legs and feet. The leg feet are offset increasing crowd control barriers balances. Make the temporary fences more stable during stanchion.
According to the load capacity, this crowd control barrier fence is a type of heavy-duty temporary fence. It can load more than 6 people with bending and reshaping.
In fabrication, you can find hooks at both ends. The hooks are fixed on both sides of the metal control crowd barriers. It is used to connect two crowd control barriers in construction, events, and security.
Wellmade metal crowd control barriers are used in a lot of places and events. According to the function, the crowd control barriers are also called pedestrian barriers, temporary panels, etc. It connects one metal crowd barrier to the next barrier and forms pedestrian ways and protection areas.
Wellmade export crowd control barriers and fences to many countries include Europe, the USA, Gulf countries. In exporting and shipping, they are loaded and shipped by the 40′ high cube containers.  According to the crowd control barriers sizes, one container can be loaded 300-800 pcs. While these 2.3×1.1m crowd control barriers are packed in bundles during shipping and loading. In one full 40 feet high cube container, you can load about 600 pcs normally.
Wellmade produces the metal crowd control barrier and temporary steel fencing according to ISO9001 management and quality controlling system. We test the crowd control barrier steel grades, welding line quality, inspect the sizes, specifications 24 hours throughout the whole production process. More than that, you can find excellent welding quality for all of our crowd control barriers. Wellmade is an EN 1090 and ISO 3834 certified scaffold factory. All of our galvanized and coated crowd control barriers are met up CE requirement according to European country’s requirement.   Thus they are allowed use in the whole of European countries.

Metal Pedestrian Barrier Crowd Fencing Sizes

WCBF23Metal Crowd Control Barriers2.3m(W) x 1.1m (H)12 KG

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