Crab 60 Scaffolding Shoring System Triangle Frame

Triangle frames are components of Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding shoring system.  It is a type of heavy duty steel scaffold modular system used for your hi load requirement construction.

Wellmade manufactures the crab 60 scaffolding triangle frames according to ISO 9001 management. Welding quality of the crab 60 scaffolding triangle frames are confirmed to ISO 3834 and EN 1090 standard, which is the CE certificated.

In fabrication, the crab 60 scaffolding triangle frames are made from O.D 60mm scaffold tube in S355 high strength steel grade.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Wellmade’s Crab 60 Scaffolding Triangle Frame Components

As components of crab 60 scaffolding shoring system, Wellmade’s triangle frame is a heavy duty modular scaffold support and access tower parts.
It is widely used in all of your high load capacity types construction, include bridge construction, highway construction and other infrastructural&industrial constructions.
Wellmade’s cran 60 scaffolding triangle Frames are made from O.D 60mm high strength steel grade scaffold structure. There is a socket sleeve at top of the crab 60 shoring triangle frames. The socket sleeve is used as a vertical connector in construction scaffolding.
On every crab 60 scaffolding triangle, you can find the steel stirrups. The scaffolding elements is convenient for crab 60 scaffolding ledger connection horizontally, which includes c pressing and special drop-forged wedge pins at both ends.
Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding triangle frames are mostly in hot-dip galvanizing finishing. While other surface treatments are available according to your construction requirement.

More than crab 60 triangle frames, you can find complete parts of the crab 60 scaffolding shoring system here. Include crab 60 standard, crab scaffolding ledgers, braces, starters, adjustable jack base and u head, walk board and stairs etc.

Crab 60 shoring system scaffold in mock up inspection Wellmade

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Crab 60 Scaffolding Triangle Frame Features

  • Size: 0.7m and 1.5m
  • Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanized, E-galvanized, Painted, Self-finished
  • Usage: Bridge Construction.
  • Strength: Heavy Duty, Quick Erect
  • OEM Customer’s Mark.
  • Door to Door Delivery.
  • CE Marking with ISO3834 & EN1090 Certificate.
  • Competitive in Price
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