Crab 60 Scaffolding Ledgers (Horizontals)

Crab 60 scaffolding ledgers are horizontal parts of the crab 60 system scaffolding. It is composite with one scaffold tube 48.3mm and two sets of wedge pin clamps.

Wedge pin clamps are welded at both ends of the scaffold tubes to form the modular horizontal components for the system scaffold.

Crab 60 wedge pin clamps are drop forged. It is automatic locking with the U clips on scaffold poles.

There are many sizes of crab 60 scaffolding ledgers including 0.35m, 0.5m, 0.7m, 1.0m, 1.5m, and 2.0m, etc.

For the anti-rusty purpose, the crab 60 scaffold ledgers are also galvanizing.

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  • Material: Steel S355
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Specifications: OD48mm
  • Function: Horizontal
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin: China

Crab 60 Scaffolding Ledger Weight List

 CodeItems Size(mm) Weight
WC60030.3m Crab 60 LedgersOD 48.3mm x 300mm 2.5KG
 WC60050.5m Crab 60 LedgersOD 48.3mm x 500mm3.18KG
 WC60070.7m Crab 60 LedgersOD 48.3mm x 700mm3.85KG
 WC60101.0m Crab 60 LedgersOD 48.3mm x 1000mm4,85KG
 WC60151.5m Crab 60 LedgersOD 48.3mm x 1500mm6.53KG
 WC60181.8m Crab 60 LedgersOD 48.3mm x 1800mm7.53KG
 WC60202.0m Crab 60 LedgersOD 48.3mm x 2000mm8.20KG

Why Wellmade Crab 60 Scaffolding  Ledgers

Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding ledgers are made from O.D 48.3mm scaffold tube. O.D 48.3mm is a standardized scaffolding tubes. Thus the crab 60 scaffolding ledgers are compatible with most scaffolding planks hooks and boards.
Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding ledger, is a modular system scaffold part of the shoring system crab 60 scaffolds. It is prefabricated scaffolding components include the wedge clamps at both ends.
As a horizontal part of the crab 60 scaffolding, the crab scaffold ledger’s wedge clamp include C pressing and drop forged wedge key. You can use the wedge key inserted into the crab 60 scaffolding standard and triangle frame for fixing during construction support and access tower erection.
Crab 60 scaffolding shoring system is a type of heavy duty scaffold materials. Thus the crab scaffold ledgers are made from S355 steel grade, which is the higher strength steel structure in scaffolding,  to meet up the high load capacity requirement.
Wellmade customizes your crab 60 scaffolding ledger horizontal sizes.  At the same time, we have the most popular sizes include 0.35m to 2.0m.
The wedge keys of Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding ledgers are automatically locked with the crab 60 scaffolding poles. You do not need to apply any other scaffolding couplers or fittings during the scaffolding ledger connection with the stirrups of scaffold poles in construction.
Crab 60 Shoring Scaffolding Components
Crab 60 Shoring Scaffolding Components
Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding system and ledgers are able to be used in all heavy-duty capacity requirement construction, like bridge construction, highway construction and other Infrastructure, Industrial and Commercial Constructions.
If you want more details and the safety and ultimate load capacity and prices of the Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding shoring system and components, just simply send us a message or a mail.
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