Crab 60 Scaffolding Poles

Crab 60 Scaffolding Pole is Made from Tubular Scaffolding Tube In OD60mm. It is Components of Crab 60 Shoring System Scaffold Verticals.  
Crab 60(C60) Shoring System Scaffold is a type of Heavy Duty Scaffold System Used Popular In Temporary Support of Hi Load Requirement Formwork Shuttering Support and Industrial Commercial Scaffolding Construction, As well As Infrastructure Scaffolding of Bridge Construction and Highway Construction.  
Crab 60 Scaffolding Poles are a Modular Type of Scaffold with Stirrup at Every 500mm Intervals. Connected Vertically By Socket Tube on the Scaffold Vertical Tube.  Horizontally by Crab 60 Scaffold Ledgers with Wedge Clamps. 
Wellmade Scaffold Produces Crab 60 Shoring System Scaffold to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and France.   
Load Capacity of  Single Crab 60 (C60) Shoring Poles are 60 KN.
There are also C25 Crab System Scaffold Available.  

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Crab 60 Shoring System Scaffolding Poles
WC60L030.3m Crab 60 Standard PolesOD 60 x 3002.70 KG
WC60L050.5m Crab 60 Standard PolesOD 60 x 5003.60 KG
WC60L070.75m Crab 60 Standard PolesOD 60 x 7504.72 KG
WC60L101.0m Crab 60 Standard PolesOD 60 x 10006.48 KG
WC60L202.0m Crab 60 Standard PolesOD 60 x 200012.24 KG
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l Independent Test 24 Hours On:
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2. -24 Hours Sampling Welding Quality Test
3. -Scaffolding Safety Load Capacity Test
4. Mock-up Inspection Before Mass Production
l ISO3834 & EN1090 CE Management and Welding Certificate
ISO9001 Management System
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