Crab 60 Scaffold Base Standard Starter

Wellmade is crab 60 scaffolding system manufacturer. The base standard is the starter components of the crab 60 scaffolding shoring system.

The crab 60 shoring system scaffolding is able to be used in all of your hi load capacity constructions. Include bridge construction, highway construction and temporary support scaffold for the concrete slab and beam formwork shuttering etc.

During manufacturing, the crab 60 scaffolding starter bases are produced according to ISO 9001 management. While we ensure your crab 60 scaffolding base standard quality according to CE ISO 3834 and EN 1090 requirement.

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Wellmade’s Crab 60 Shoring Scaffold Starter Base Standard

Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding starter is made from O.D 60mm scaffold tube. On the scaffold main tube, there are 4 stirrups on. The stirrups are used to connect with crab 60 scaffolding horizontal ledgers.

Using together with the crab scaffold starter base standard, Welmade’s crab 60 scaffolding shoring system is popularly used in many countries’ construction includes Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and France etc.
As a high load capacity shoring scaffolding system, the crab 60 scaffolding is in high load capacity. While the single scaffold leg load is more than 60 KN – 80KN. When using 4 legs(one layer) forming the scaffolding support, the ultimate load capacity reaching 320-360 KN.
In construction, the crab 60 scaffold starter is used as a base of the crab 60 scaffolding poles. Fixing by the crab 60 scaffolding horizontals, the crab 60 scaffolding base standard is the first level scaffolding frame of the shoring modular scaffold.
More than the base standard starter, you can have one-stop sourcing of the complete crab 60 scaffolding system. Include crab 60 scaffolding poles, crab 60 scaffold ledgers, scaffold triangle frames, adjustable jack base and u head jacks etc.
Crab 60 shoring system scaffold in mock up inspection Wellmade

Crab 60 Shoring System Basic Standard Starter Sizes

WC60BSCrab 60 Shoring System Basic StarterOD60x3002.38KG

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