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You Professional Construction Scaffolding Manufacturer In China

Wellmade is a professional construction scaffolding manufacturer in China.  You can find the scaffolding for all types of your construction, include:

  • Building Construction Access and Staging
  • Concrete Shuttering Construction

If you are seeking high-quality construction scaffolding, Wellmade will be your best choice. We are not only ISO 9001 certified, but also audited as a CE construction scaffold factory.

Wellmade supplies the metal construction scaffolding for your framework. While you can also find timber-type construction scaffolding materials here too. Include H20 beams, film-faced plywood, etc.

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single construction scaffolding

Wellmade designs you the construction single scaffolding using modular system scaffold or tube and clamp scaffold system. Single scaffolding is also called bricklayer scaffolding.

double construction scaffolding

Wellmade’s Double construction scaffolding is called an independent scaffold. It is used popularly in building scaffolding and staging. Wellmade manufactures different scaffolding systems forming your double scaffolding frames.

cantilever construction scaffolding

Cantilever scaffolding is also called needle scaffolding. Wellmade supplies steel scaffolds products for your cantilever scaffold construction

slung construction scaffolding

If you are seeking slung scaffolding, you can get a wide range choosing for your slung scaffolding construction include ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffold and scaffold tube clamps etc.

trestle construction scaffolding

Trestle scaffolding is a type of construction scaffold using trestle ladder frames. Wellmade manufactures all sizes of metal type trestle scaffolds.

shoring construction scaffolding

Wellmade manufactures lightweight, medium-duty, and heavy-duty shoring scaffolding frames and systems for your construction concrete support.

Wellmade’s Construction Scaffolding Systems

There are a lot of different scaffolding systems able to meet up with your construction scaffold arrangement. You can choose patented scaffolding systems like modular ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, frame and brace scaffolding. You are also able to choose a traditional scaffolding tube and clamps system. If you want lightweight construction scaffolding, aluminium scaffold towers would be your best choice. For different scaffolding systems, you can find complete construction scaffold parts and components here.

ringlock construction scaffold

There are 2 different types of ringlock scaffolding in Wellmade. Normal duty O.D 48.3mm ring lock scaffold and O.D 60.3mm heavy duty ringlock system. Both ringlock scaffolding is able to service all shapes and purpose of your construction. Wellmade’s ringlock construction scaffolding materials are CE certified.

cuplock construction scaffolding

Cuplock scaffolding is a type of steel scaffolding system too. It is include top cup and bottom cup on the cuplock verticals. Galvanized and painting cuplock construction scaffolding is used for building access scaffolding and formwork slab and beam concrete.

kwikstage construction scaffolding

If you are from Australia, UK or South Africa Countries, kwikstage scaffolding would be your familiar construction scaffold system. It is called quick stage scaffold too. Like the name, the kwickstage construction scaffold system bring you a quick erection in construction and building.

frame construction scaffolding

Frame and brace scaffold saving a lot of construction site time. It is prefabricated with double verticals. You can find O.D42mm, O.D 48mm, O.D57mm and O.D60mm frame and brace scaffold for your construction and shoring.

tube and clamp construction scaffolding

Wellmade’s traditional tube and clamp scaffolding is convenient to form different shapes construction scaffolding. During construction, you can fix all sizes of scaffolding poles and parts by different types of scaffolding clamps.

adjustable prop construction scaffolding

Scaffolding props are a type of adjustable construction scaffolding. There is a lightweight, medium duty, and heavy-duty construction props to support the different height of your slabs and beams. Push pull prop construction scaffolding is available too.

construction scaffolding test report
construction scaffolding test report

Construction Scaffolding Materials

According to the construction scaffolding fabrication raw material, you can find in Wellmade the steel scaffolding, wood and timber scaffolding, and aluminium scaffolding. The different types of construction scaffold materials used to complete different purposes at your construction site.

Wellmade: Your Best Construction Scaffolding Manufacturer Supplier

Compare to industrial scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, construction scaffolding is the most popular scaffolding.

As a professional construction scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade has the confidence to meet up all types of your construction site requirement.

Wellmade bring you safe construction scaffolding

Safety is the most important for construction scaffolding. No matter the construction scaffolding is used for access and staging or used for concrete shoring support,  scaffolding material quality and loading capacity calculation is the most important.

Buy construction scaffolding from Wellmade to ensure your construction safety from the following points:

  • Construction scaffolding raw material testing

The raw material is the beginning basis of construction scaffolding material quality. No matter steel scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, or timber scaffolding, raw material quality is the top factor of construction safety. Wellmade control the construction scaffolding raw material by choosing the right raw material supplier according to ISO 9001. Test the construction scaffold raw material chemical and physicals according to BS1139, EN 39 standard before coming to stock and using in production. For every element, we test the hardness, strengths, and chemicals composition in our in-house lab.

  • Scaffold products welding Line Testing

All construction scaffolding products need to do a theoretical throat test. The test ensures all of our construction scaffolding material weldings are strong and penetration.  More than that, Wellmade’s test engineers also do penetration tests according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE requirements.

construction scaffolding test report
construction scaffolding test report
  • Construction scaffolding system mock-up inspection

For system scaffolding, the important quality control is to make all of the prefabricated scaffolding components and parts compatible with each other in size and function. Mock-up inspection is a necessary construction scaffold quality control process in Wellmade. It can find a complete solution better than software mockup and can find all solutions before the construction scaffolding material shipping and reaching construction site.

construction scaffolding mock up
Construction Scaffolding Mock Up
  • Construction scaffold load capacity test

Construction scaffold safety is not only about scaffold material quality. It is also related to the scaffolding safe loading design. Wellmade do the construction scaffold parts and scaffold frame load capacity tet. The test result helps clients with construction scaffolding design. It also ensures construction site worker’s safety using our scaffold products

construction scaffolding load test
Construction Scaffolding Load Test
  • Scaffolding surface finishing test

Construction scaffolding finishing quality is related to the durability of the construction equipment. Wellmade do the all scaffold material finishing adhere test, zinc and painting thickness test as well as salty spray test. The test is purposed to ensure Wellmade’s construction materials using longer time than normal scaffolds.

Wellmade saves your time in the construction scaffolding material purchase

When you purchase the construction scaffolding material, you need to buy every element and part. Wellmade is the biggest construction scaffolding manufacturer, you are able to find every small element here.

In addition, we have a completion certificate and test report to show our construction scaffolding experiences and qualification. Wellmade is not only an OEM scaffold factory for scaffolding trading companies and scaffold rental companies, it is also well-known for supplying construction and industrial scaffolding materials to oil gas companies like Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, KOC, etc. We’ve participated in the Russia World Cup Stadium Construction too.

At the same time, Wellmade’s experts, engineers, and technicians are ready to answer all of your questions professionally. We are experts in the construction scaffolding standards too. Include OSHA scaffold standard, British scaffold standard, Canada scaffolding standard, Australian scaffolding standard, Japanese scaffold standard, and Korean scaffolding standard, Malaysia Scaffold Standards, etc. 

Wellmade save your construction scaffolding cost

Import from a construction scaffolding manufacturer will save you both time and cost. Wellmade is the largest construction scaffold factory, our output is more than 500 tons per day. Thus you can expect a better delivery and better prices.

In addition, as the biggest OEM construction scaffolding manufacturer, our profit is the wholesale scaffolding prices with MOQ of one full container.

Wellmade’s quality controlling system makes you feel free and easy to buy a qualified construction scaffold too.

More than that, Wellmade custom your construction scaffolding with your company logos and marks.

construction scaffolding marks and logos

Wellmade support your construction scaffolding TPI

Wellmade welcomed all types of construction scaffolding inspection before shipping. Include your companies’ representative and a 3rd party’s test and Inspection.  With a daily and regulate quality controlling system, Wellmade has complete test facilities and test engineers to fulfill your construction scaffolding materials test and inspection request. Wellmade has full experience in dealing with the biggest oil and gas companies, thus very expert in supporting your TPI.

Wellmade offers your construction scaffold warranty

If you buy the construction scaffolding from Wellmade, you are able to get a construction scaffold warranty after the products received.

Construction scaffolding purchase payment term

During your construction scaffold purchase, Wellmade supports you with flexible payment. Include L/C, T/T, and D/P. For more details, you are able to consult with Wellmade’s sales.

Wellmade support you with all types of construction scaffold shipping

During your construction scaffolding purchase, Wellmade is able to ship the construction scaffold material to your port of your country.  There are many types of shipping, like shipping by container, ship by bulk vessel shipping, ship by train&wagons, trucks, etc.

Wellmade is very expert in construction scaffold export and import

With more than 20 years of construction scaffolding manufacturing and export, Wellmade is very professional in construction scaffold material document preparation. We are familiar with your country’s import regulations and documentation, certification, etc. Our shipping experts are able to complete all documents in right make your customs clearance easy and quick.

More than that, Wellmade is able to offer door to door delivery service to send your construction scaffolding material to your yard in many countries. Include USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Construction Scaffold Parts &Accessories

scaffolding clamps for tube and clamp scaffolding
scaffolding clamps for tube and clamp scaffolding

Construction Scaffolding Clamps  

In Wellmade, you can find all types of scaffolding clamp and fittings

  • Drop Forged VS Pressed Steel Construction Scaffold Clamps
  • Right Angle VS Swivel Construction Scaffolding Clamps
  • Board Retaining Construction Scaffolding Coupler
  • Putlog Scaffold Coupler for Construction
  • Ladder Clamps for Construction Scaffold
  • Sleeve Box VS Inner Joint Pin Coupler for Construction
  • Fence Couplers Scaffold Construction
  • Fixed and Swivel Construction Scaffolding Beam Clamps

Construction Scaffold Boards

There are steel scaffold boards, timber boards, and aluminium planks for your construction staging in Wellmade. You can ask for scaffold boards with hooks or scaffold battens without hooks. For plain end scaffold boards, board clamps and limpet clamps will fix the scaffold boards to scaffolding poles and ledgers.

steel type scaffold board decking for pin lock ring system

Construction Scaffolding Access Staircase

For different construction scaffolding systems, you can find different types of access scaffold stairs. It includes steel scaffold stairs and aluminium stairs. While the steel scaffolding stairs could be in GI, HDG, and paint finishing.

Construction scaffolding Ladders

Compare to scaffolding stairs, the scaffold ladders are easier to handle at your construction site. There are steel scaffolding ladders and aluminium scaffold ladders for your choosing.

Wellmade is able to design the scaffolding ladders with hooks or without hooks.  Scaffold ladders are able to fix by ladder bracket or ladder clamps in your construction

Construction Scaffolding Caster Wheels

Caster wheels with a spigot or adjustable caster wheels are all available for your construction scaffolding rolling and moving. Wellmade supplies your rubber type, polyurethane (PU) type, and steel iron type caster wheels in 5″, 6”, 8”, 10″,12”. You and find heavy-duty type caster wheels as well for your high load moving scaffold tower too.

Construction scaffolding leveling jacks

You can find all sizes of adjustable leveling jacks for your construction scaffolding. Include heavy-duty Layher type round threaded scaffold leveling and normal square-type jack bases.

Construction scaffolding forkhead and u head jacks

There is a forkhead jack and u head jacks for your concrete shoring scaffolding construction. Forkhead is also called four-way scaffold jacks.  It is used to support h20 beams formwork a lot. You can also use the fixed u head or adjustable u head jack to support your primary and secondary beams in the construction of concrete and shoring.

Adjustable Fork head with Screw Jack Base
Adjustable Fork head with Screw Jack Base

Construction Scaffolding Ladder Beams

Ladder beams are in sizes of 305mm. It is used for long-span construction distance between 2 scaffolding poles. Wellmade’s ladder beam scaffolding is made by a steel structure in O.D 48.3mm. You can find the construction scaffold ladder beam in the painting, GI and hot-dip galvanized finish.

Construction Scaffold Aluminium Unit Beam and X Beam

construction scaffolding aluminium beams
construction scaffolding aluminium beams

Lattice beams are alloy-type scaffolding beams. Wellmade’s unit beams are in 450mm width. While the X beam construction scaffolding is in 750mm width.  Same as steel ladder beam, the aluminium x beam, and unit beams are used for long-span distance construction scaffolding too.

Construction Scaffolding FAQ Guide

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