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Wellmade is a CE Certified Construction Props Supplier In China.  We produce all sizes of construction props with your required telescopic height.

In fabrication, Welllmade manufactures construction props according to EN 1065 Standard.  We Control your construction props quality from raw material(steel chemical components &physical property) to Welding Quality (according to ISO 3834) and Ultimate Load Capacity.

More than that, Wellmade offers you free design for the construction props according to your customized requirement of load capacity, adjustable height and special requirements of prop components&accessories. Wellmade offers door to door delivery service too. Make your construction prop import easy.

Send your construction props requirement to get an immediate good price.

Wellmade Construction Props

Construction Props are named building props too.  It is a type of adjustable steel prop. Compare to Aluminium Props, the steel props is much cheaper in cost and heavy-duty load. However, aluminium props are lighter in weight than steel construction props.

Wellmade’s Construction Props are popularly used in slab “shoring” as Shoring Props, Column Formwork and Wall Formwork. The most common type of construction props is with top and bottom base plates. The top plates are designed connecting with other formwork components like props forkhead, drop head etc.   There are also construction props with top u head and top forkhead and crosshead construction props.  These construction props design are considered integrated with formwork components.

You can find from Wellmade Galvanized, painted and powder coated construction props. The surface treatment protects construction props from rusty.  Among these surface treatment, galvanizing make your construction props more durable.

Wellmade’s construction props are recycling.  You can repeat using it as vertical or horizontal support for your formwork. It is compatible with all types of formwork concrete in table formwork, slab formwork beam formwork, wall formwork etc.

You can find complete sizes of the construction props. Include acrow props in size 0# to 4#.  Constructions steel props in 3.9m,  3.6m shoring and 5.5m props are also popular size in most civil and building construction. Trench Strut of the construction props is used in horizontal trench construction. There are size 0# to size 3#for the trench struts.

Construction Prop Trench Strut

According to the type of steel construction props. There are shoring props and post shore props for your construction.

Shoring Props

Adjustable Shoring Props are one popular lightweight construction steel props.  According to the inner tube and outer tube outer diameter sizes. You can find 40/48mm Shoring Props and O.D 48/56mm Shoring Props.

Both types of shoring props are with 1) G Pin – Lock the adjustable steel props in a fixed height in construction 2) Cup Sleeve – with 2 handles at both side for adjusting the height into a suitable floor slab distance.

40:48 & 48:56mm shoring props for construction

Post Shore

Post Shore is another style of construction props.   You can find O.D 48mm Inner and O.D 60mm Outer Post Shore Prop Jacks, which is the most popular size of the post shore construction prop. There are also O.D 76mm and O.D 89mm Outer Tubes for heavy-duty post shores.

Different from shoring props, post shore is with prop nut on the threaded sleeve. The thread screw prop sleeve is integrated with the outer tube.  Thus post shore construction prop sleeves are always with the same diameter with the steel prop outer tube.

Post shore prop nuts are varying according to construction requirement. You can ask for cast steel prop nut or cast iron prop nut. More than that, drop forged type of prop nuts are available too.

In addition, you can choose G Pin or Straight Pin with rope or steel chain as your post shore type construction props.

Post Shore Construction Props

Wellmade ensure your construction Prop Quality and Safety

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 scaffolding&formwork manufacturer. We control your construction props quality and safety from start raw material till end load capacity safety.

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