Catwalk Scaffolding

Wellmade is catwalk scaffolding manufacturer and exporter in China.  You can use Wellmade’s catwalk scaffolding in all scaffold systems include ringlock scaffolding, frame scaffolding, tube and clamp scaffolding etc.

We design the catwalk scaffolding according to your construction scaffold tower.  In order to make sure catwalk sizes compatible with your scaffold access tower, Welllmade offers a mock-up inspection before mass production. Safety Load Capacity test report is offered against each design or lot.

Wellmade control the catwalk scaffolding quality according to ISO9001. At the same time, Our welding quality is ISO 3834 & EN1090 certified. Wellmade’s scaffolding welders are CE qualified too.

Tell us your catwalk scaffolding requirement to get a free design and quote from Wellmade.

Wellmade’s Catwalk Scaffolding

Wellmade’s catwalk scaffolding is a type of steel scaffold boards. It is with plank hooks at both sides. The plank hooks are connected with scaffolding horizontal parts.

According to horizontal parts of the scaffold tower. The catwalk scaffolding plank hooks could be for O.D 42mm and O.D 48mm tubular.  The catwalk scaffolding hooks are with lock pin for wind and uplift protection. This makes construction safety in difficulty weathers’.

Wellmade customizes you catwalk scaffolding size and specifications. While you can find the following most common Catwalk Scaffolding in width in 210mm, 240mm, 250mm, 420mm, 450mm, 480mm and 500mm.

catwalk scaffolding with 450mm width

Catwalk Scaffolding Size & Specifications

No.ItemsSteel GradeFinishingTube Size
WCS210210mm metal catwalk platformQ235GI/HDG/PaintingOD. 42mm/OD48mm
WCS240240mm metal catwalk platformQ235GI/HDG/PaintingOD. 42mm/OD48mm
WCS250250mm metal catwalk platformQ235GI/HDG/PaintingOD. 42mm/OD48mm
WCS300300mm metal catwalk platformQ235GI/HDG/PaintingOD. 42mm/OD48mm
WCS420420mm metal catwalk platformQ235GI/HDG/PaintingOD. 42mm/OD48mm
WCS450450mm metal catwalk platformQ235GI/HDG/PaintingOD. 42mm/OD48mm
WCS480480mm metal catwalk platformQ235GI/HDG/PaintingOD. 42mm/OD48mm
WCS500500mm metal catwalk platformQ235GI/HDG/PaintingOD. 42mm/OD48mm

Catwalk Access Ladder and Stairs

Our metal catwalk forms your work platform in construction.  When it works with scaffolding ladders and scaffold stairs, the catwalk scaffolding forms access scaffold tower.  You can use steel scaffolding ladders and aluminium ladders for your catwalk scaffolding.  In access scaffold tower, aluminium plywood with trap door and ladder is another type of access scaffolding material.

Catwalk Scaffolding In System Scaffolding

The most scaffold systems using metal catwalk platform include ringlock system, frame system and tube clamp system. Compare to other scaffold boards and planks,  Wellmade’s catwalk scaffolding platform is in lightweight and easy assembly.

The steel plank locks make the catwalk scaffolding construction safety without moving and uplifting in wind-resistant.

catwalk scaffolding using in ringlock system scaffold

Wellmade’s Catwalk Surface Treatment

You can find from Wellmade Pre-galvanized (GI), Hot dip galvanized and painted catwalk scaffolding steel platform.

  • Pre-galvanized catwalk is fabricated from galvanized steel plate. it is cheaper thank hot dip galvanized planks. Anyhow, it is still an anti-corrosion protection solution.
  • Hot dip galvanized catwalk is forming from black steel plate. Put the black and welded finished catwalk scaffolding platform into hot dip galvanized pool for zinc surface protection. Compare to pre-galvanizing catwalk scaffolding, hot dip galvanizing make the scaffold board in longer life without rusty even in bad weather condition.
  • Painting scaffolding metal catwalk is not galvanizing. But painting on the black(self-finished) catwalk in colour.

painted catwalk scaffolding platform

Custom Logo&Marks on catwalk scaffolding

Wellmade is an OEM scaffolding company. We are able to put your company logo & marks on the metal catwalk scaffolding products.

Wellmade’s Catwalk Scaffolding Export and Shipping Delivery

As a leading scaffolding manufacturer and exporter, Wellmade’s catwalk scaffolding service to customers in global 55 countries.  More than that, Wellmade make your catwalk scaffolding import easier. We are able to give door to door delivery for your catwalk and scaffolding material in most countries include the USA and Canada

Send us your idea about catwalk scaffolding to get the most available services and competitive prices from Wellmade.

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