Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes

Wellmade manufactures all sizes and specifications of steel seamless pipes according to the international standards of ASTM A500, ASTM 106, ASTM A53, JIS G 3441 and JIS G 3444, BS EN 1020, etc.

You can find round seamless pipes, square seamless pipes, and rectangular seamless pipes here. All of them are able to be finished in MS black or galvanizing.

Wellmade carbon steel seamless pipes are used in a wide range of structure and mechanical piping industries. Include nuclear devices, gas conveyance, refinery, petrochemical, shipbuilding and boiler industry, etc. More than steel seamless pipes, ERW welded steel pipes are supplied too.

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Wellmade Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

Wellmade carbon steel seamless pipe is also called SMLS pipes. It is manufacturing from steel round bars. The seamless pipe steel bar is also called steel billets. In seamless pipe manufacturing, the steel bars are heated and pierced by a mandrel.

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Raw Material Round Bars
Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Raw Material Round Bars

As a scaffolding manufacturer, initially, we manufacture small size carbon steel seamless pipes for scaffolding material. Include O.D 38mm seamless pipe for screw jack base and u head jack threading and O.D 48.3mm for scaffolding tube clamp system construction.

With many years of manufacturing, we produce all sizes of carbon steel seamless pipes from 32mm to 630mm.  While the seamless is not only used for our own scaffolding production. Small sizes of the carbon steel seamless piping are used as pressure tubings. While big size carbon steel seamless pipes, which are called transmission tubing.  They are used for oil gas production facilities for both onshore and offshore projects.

Seamless Pipe Sizes&Specifications

Code No.DiameterThickness
WSMLS38O.D 38mm4-10mm
WSMLS42O.D 42mm3.5-12mm
WSMLS45O.D 45mm3.5-12mm
WSMLS48O.D 48mm3.5-12mm
WSMLS51O.D 51mm3.5-12mm
WSMLS57O.D 57mm3.5-14mm
WSMLS60O.D 60mm3.5-14mm
WSMLS63O.D 63mm3.5-14mm
WSMLS73O.D 73mm4-16mm
WSMLS76O.D 76mm4-16mm
WSMLS83O.D 83mm4-20mm
WSMLS89O.D 89mm4-22mm
WSMLS95O.D 95mm4.5-25mm
WSMLS140O.D 140mm6-40mm
WSMLS152O.D 152mm6-50mm
WSMLS159O.D 159mm4.5-45mm
WSMLS168O.D 168mm5-50mm
WSMLS180O.D 180mm5-55mm
WSMLS194O.D 194mm5-50mm
WSMLS203O.D 203mm6-60mm
WSMLS219O.D 219mm6-60mm
WSMLS232O.D 232mm14-60mm
WSMLS245O.D 245mm8-60mm
WSMLS273O.D 273mm6-60mm
WSMLS299O.D 299mm8-75mm
WSMLS325O.D 325mm9-80mm
WSMLS351O.D 351mm10-75mm
WSMLS356O.D 356mm8-80mm
WSMLS377O.D 377mm8-80mm
WSMLS402O.D 402mm12-80mm
WSMLS426O.D 426mm8-80mm
WSMLS480O.D 480mm10-80mm
WSMLS508O.D 508mm10-70mm
WSMLS530O.D 530mm12-70mm
WSMLS610O.D 610mm30-80mm
WSMLS630O.D 630mm30-80mm

Wellmade Seamless Pipe Types & Steel Grade

According to the shape of seamless pipes, you can find round seamless pipes, square seamless pipes, and rectangular seamless pipes in Wellmade.

Steel grade of the seamless pipe includes S20C (C22), S355 and S45C(C45), etc.  While S20C steel grade is similar to S235 steel of welded steel pipes.

carbon steel seamless pipe in black

S20C Seamless Steel Pipe Chemical Composition


S20C Seamless Steel Pipe Physical Property

Tensile Strength≥ 410
Yield Strength≥245

Wellmade Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe Features

  1. Weldable
  2. Low Carbon Steel with high strength
  3. Withstand High Pressure
  4. No Welding Line or Joints

With all of the features, the carbon seamless steel pipes are applied in a lot of high-pressure equipment and lines. Like refineries, hydraulic cylinders, hydrocarbon, oil gas infrastructures, etc.

Galvanized VS Black Finishing Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes

Black finished carbon steel seamless pipe is also called MS seamless pipes. It is self-finished without painting, galvanizing, and coating.  You can use the black carbon seamless tubes for construction and structure. While mostly, the black steel seamless tubes are used in steel fabrication for scaffoldings, machinery, equipment etc.

Galvanized carbon steel seamless pipes are galvanizing finishing from the MS black tubes. The galvanizing make the seamless pipes more durable in corrosion-resistant.  Thus, galvanizing carbon steel seamless pipes are used in oil gas companies for their offshore and onshore construction projects, permanent infrastructure, chemical &  oil high-pressure transmission application, etc.

Galvanized Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Tubes
Galvanized Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes

Seamless Pipe VS Welded Steel Tubes

You can find the same sizes and specifications of welded steel tubes as the steel seamless pipes.  Compared to the following points about the seam and seamless pipes to decide which type of steel tubes would be work for you better.

  1. Seam pipe with welding lines and joints. If you are going to use it for liquid or fluid transmission. Seamless pipes are more stable than the welded ERW pipes
  2. Seamless pipes are from the round billets, this adds seamless pipe strength and corrosion resistance.
  3. Seamless pipes steel grade are more flexible than welded pipes.  While welded steel tubes steel grade normally S195, S235, S275, and S355.
  4. Seamless pipes cost is more than welded tube. So you need to consider your construction budget whether it is necessary to use the seamless pipe, or ERW welded pipe is good enough.
  5. You can find thicker steel pipes which welded ERW tube may be not able to meet up.

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe FAQ Guide

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